Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Handle Duplicate Content Generated by User & Manufacturer on Large Number of URLS

As we know that if meta-description is exactly of same pattern in most of the pages in the web than Google takes no chance to penalize it.  So we need to find out ways to deal with product descriptions when a manufacturer asks us to write in similar way to the competitors. Here are just three tips that help us to reduce the risk of our site being penalized by including content in product descriptions.

We know that this is the problem faced by most of e-commerce sites, travel sites, or the sites where user-generated, user-review content is seen with respect to duplicate content. Let us consider an example of BMO’s travel gadgets which sales BMO Camera 9000 and whose manufacturer has made a note that this product should have same information in all sites. The product should be displayed along with its description of manufacturer, user reviews and specific photographs.

This generally applies to large number of e-commerce sites apart from those sites where content licensing happens too frequently. It comes to our attention that user reviews on sites that deal with rental properties or hotels or car rentals or flights are those sites which will face same type of issue as these sectors contain large number of related sites.

There are few ways which can be done in order to be unique not a vast list of choices but some options that will make content exclusive. First one is we can inform manufacturer that I am here to create unique content and all that I want to include for product description is colored in green. Here it goes with my trial by taking some snaps with the camera, then comparing this with other cameras,  will be including some specifications that might not be provided by manufacturer, will make own editorial review and also some top reviews from the customers. And this type of description will be successful as it is totally different from others.

Second idea is that if we have little of unique content but large amount of duplicate content which is useful to user and has to be placed on the page then we can prefer iframes but this should be either out of the search engines index or else it should not be associated with this particular url. That is we can build an iframe, put the content in it and embed it on the page.

The last idea goes in this way that is we need to take content which is highly duplicative, and then we need to apply aggregation, modification as well as visualization to this duplicate content.  Now this will be unique, will be valued and has high chances of ranking well in search engines. As it is a combination of duplicate pieces of content it will be recognized by search engines and they will place it in the index.

So all the above tips help to avoid the pages to be duplicate and make them unique among high number of websites.

What an Homepage Should Focus On?

Home page is very essential for every site so there is need for site webmasters to concentrate on what has to be included and how effectively it should work. Previously home pages used to be extremely valid as one stop shops for stores and brands in online. But today home pages are being targeted more as webmasters along with search engines are able to understand what users are searching for and are focusing more on homepage and how to attract buyers.

 If we compare home pages of online brands previous ones with present home pages then we can see a large number of changes. Below is the image of comparison

Previously home pages were used to be promoted with certain important pages or sections of site that needs user’s attention. For example we used to put them like here is my blog, here comes a popular product; this is the place which has to be visited and so on in the homepage. But presently those methods of promoting are proven wrong and we need to work on making those sections easy to navigate from home page.  So that it will be easy to focus on important things of site or just unique sections of the site or else on important things which most of the customers and visitors of site are looking for answers from the homepage.

Now we no need of saying that this is the most important content I have on my site, let us promote this and I will be able to capture attention of less number of users. Instead we need to say by redesigning home page as these are the sections of the site you can navigate by letting me promote most important thing on home page which gives users a focused experience. 

The second most important area we used to focus in home pages previously is high number of different keywords. Because in the Old Google it was the page with highest page rank that would rank for most of the things. But as the Google improvised page rank was less concentrated and also it was that page which earned most of the links. So frequently, the anchor text was comparatively expanded that would link to that homepage, and so were all these other signals. So the homepage could rank for a lot of stuff that other pages couldn't.

But presently there is no need to do all those things as Google and Bing are being improvised and are focusing on the site which has all those required and not just that particular page. Search engines are taking authority of a site in different areas, around keyword terms and phrases that are being focused into account. And if a site has a page that particularly focuses on these topics than it is going to rank higher in search results though the page does not have that standards that are needed for ranking but because the site does.

Inner pages of site will acquire authority of a site, strength of the site and it helps to focus just 1 or 2 keywords or else no general keywords. Instead we can work on branded-centric keywords only leaving behind un-branded keywords but can have particular landing pages to these unbranded keywords which can be deeper in the sections. 

There are some general tips that are to be concentrated in a homepage these may not be exact but with little changes which gives an idea whether you are doing it in a right way or wrong.  Following are the five important points which are to be focused in a home page:

1.      Logo and Navigation sections
                                     Logo and navigation should be present on the right top of a page and it has to be same in all the pages including home page. Navigation should be same in the home page as in rest of pages of site but there can be little changes to the logo in home page compared to rest of the pages.
      2.      Visual image to give an idea on company or service
             A visual image on home page in the site gives a best idea of what the site is about and what service or products they offer rather than the text on the site. As a human tendency we first look at the images than read the text.

     3.      Answering some frequently asked questions or empathetic questions 
             It is the best idea to answer the empathetic questions that arise when a new product is seen just on the home page.

     4.      Social proof or credibility signals
             Social proof credibility signals is another most important section which gives an impression about the site by just reading them and there are high chances to go deep in to the site.

     5.      Call to action
              A call to action is must on the homepage as it guides users how they have to travel the site once they have finished with homepage and which gives a positive impact about the site.

              Thus all these factors when displayed on the home page of a site will attract people and create there engagement on the site.

Domaining for Links

Having links increases your website’s ranking, or PageRank. PageRank is one of the many factors where your website lands in Google. A PageRank of 10 is the highest. In simple terms, the popularity of websites is determined by PageRanks.

One of the ways on how to have high PageRanks is through domains. On the internet, domain is an integral part in network addresses. To have a domain, you have to buy it from domain providers. There are accredited and legit domain providers, and the most recognized ones are the ones that belong to the Top Level Domains such as .com, .net, and .org.

Having a lot of link value can be achieved by purchasing a lot of domains, and this method is called domaining. This method will allow you to link your acquired websites to each other so you can spread its link value. There are cases wherein the entire domain is lead to a destination website so it will receive all the link value.

To achieve links by domaining, it is also important to get a domain that ranks high. Having a domain that ranks on top will aid your link to be on the top position. Some SEO competitors bid on domains with top link profiles. Some also build links by purchasing domains which are about to expire. This method saves work and effort, as the domain already has content and backlinks, apart from these domains already have established presence.

Optimizing PPC Campaign Landing Page

Why Optimized Landing Pages Better Your SEO Or PPC Landing Pages Every Time?

What Is Landing Page?

First know the definition of landing page before entering into the subject. Landing page is when customer accessed by clicking on our ad it will be redirected to our web page, that page is called landing page. Give landing page url in the ad text variation.

Landing page optimization is a successful business factor especially in PPC campaign. PPC has named as “landing pages” while SEO has named as “optimized pages”.  We need to optimize landing pages and optimized pages need to work as great landing pages. Let’s learn how to combine these two types of web pages into one optimized landing page.

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

When creating a good landing page there are a few basic that are to be followed which play key role in developing a good landing page. Below are the basic elements,
  • Strong Headline
  • Topically Focused Content
  • Benefit-Oriented Content
  • Scannable Content
  • Visual Clarity
  • Call-to-Action
  • Testing

What Makes A Good Optimized Page?

The main focus of search engine optimization is on rankings in search engines. We can't say good SEO doesn’t comprise other things. Here are few most important elements of an optimized page.
  1. Keyword Focused Title
  2. Well-Written Description
  3. Keyword Focused Headline
  4. Keyword Focused Content
  5. Content with Properly Coded Hierarchy
  6. Inbound Links
  7. Socialization Options
  8. Testing

What Makes A Good Optimized Landing Page?

The main aim to creating good optimized landing page is that will work for both PPC and SEO purpose. If you optimize a page in view of organically terms then it will not give us good landing page conversions. There are some more techniques where it makes better performance to deliver PPC traffic to a non-optimized page and we have to do one special design for paid traffic. So follow the above tips to get more PPC traffic and conversion with optimized landing page.