Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Google Shopping Campaign new Structure and 4 New Tools

  Google launched a Google shopping campaign in the month of October 2013, to enhance product listing ads. Google rolled out this new feature for retail advertisers to reach customers in a better way and this news came out officially via Google adwords blog.

Advertisers can be able to build  ad groups, also referred as product groups easily without any effort with this new feature. In addition, this feature enables marketer to select type of product grouping from a list of possible options based on the data feed.

This feature is still in beta version, but it will be more helpful for marketers when its final version is out in the market. The main strategy behind this new feature is to optimize product listing ads in an easy way to connect with the customers and to promote your ads on Google.

Benefits of New Google Shopping Campaign

Retail-centric way to manage your products
Google Shopping campaign enables you to browse product inventory directly from adwords to build products ads for the items on which you're willing to bid, to reach target results. Advertisers, who are more familiar with Google shopping, will be able to notice feed data within the adwords. Currently, this feature is available to a limited number of advertisers in USA.

In the next coming months, it is going to be rolled out gradually throughout the USA. New custom labels along with the product attributes, that exists in data feed enables you to tag your products in a precise way to make items meaningful and accurate to connect with potential customers and to promote products online on Google.

Advanced reporting to measure product performance

Performance metrics are calculated based on your individual product and it is not associated with product group. Hence, you can filter and divide data with the available product attributes. Shopping campaign helps you to optimize product listing ads by evaluating your competitive environment.

Google released four new google shopping tools for retail advertisers to optimize their product listing ads to reach customers in a better way.

Bench Click through rate
You can include benchmark section to evaluate average CTR and Maximum CPC of competitor products in product groups tab. Moreover, it will show you how other retailer similar products are performing on Google.

Impression Share
Impression share column provides you information about, how many times your ads have been displayed on search for relevant queries in terms of percentage. By evaluating impression share you can increase bid rate on your products for displaying ads for a long time.

Products Tab
Product tab contains complete information of every product which you submit to the google merchant center on regular basis. This tab is very useful for advertisers because, when they are not sure about information of a particular product like ID, category, brand etc., they can browse the data from the product tab.


With the use of Google shopping PLAs, advertisers can remove the products which are not useful and it allows advertisers to exclude sub group of products from a product groups.

The New AdWords Opportunities Tab - How to Get the Most Out Of It

    In the month of November, Google launched a new opportunities tab in Adwords account to provide suggestions and relevant tips for advertisers about how to improve their campaign performance. This tool is great because, it helps advertiser to discover new keywords, improve bids and budgets, ad extensions, account structure and more.

   You need to have an account history to make use of this feature because it reviews your account past history, settings and search volume to analyze what might work in the future and gives you few suggestions to improve your performance in competitive world and where to focus much to achieve target results.

   If you're working on multiple accounts and building new campaigns frequently, in this situation this tool helps you in a great way by identifying new areas of optimization and facilitates you in ensuring your adwords accounts work at peak level to improve campaign performance.

   Opportunities feature provides a lot of benefits such as research, performance estimation and fresh campaigns for advertisers to reach target results. With the use of this new tool, you can save precious time on research, because the tool makes it for you. Therefore, you can spend much time on analyzing data instead of researching it.

   Before using this new feature and making necessary changes, it is important to follow Google's recommended guidelines carefully. When using adwords opportunities tab to make changes you need to review few considerations.

Recommended Budget Increases

Google helps you to know when your budget comes to an end on campaigns. This new feature serves as an account manager and provides you an overview of expected result if you increase your budget.
In addition, this tool recommends you to increase your bid adjustments to increase impression share by evaluating competitor’s performance.

Adding New Keywords

Research on fresh keywords is very important to improve campaign performance. Opportunities tab gives you the new capture keywords for your adwords campaign.

Below one is the screen shot of adwords opportunities tab

opportunities tab

   Blindly don't add keywords in ad groups by believing that google recommended them, before including those keywords, do an analysis on them to ensure whether they are right kind of keywords for your campaign to get target results.

   Make a note that, estimations on impressions, clicks and budget may be somehow different from what the opportunities tab predicts.


   It is good to make an use of this kind of tool for making your campaign work effectively but don't rely completely on this tool, spend some time to review the data and do your own analysis to ensure that you're making the best decision to build an enhanced campaign.