Monday, July 12, 2010

Site Speed in Web Search Ranking, Free Tools to Evaluate the Speed of a Website, How To Increase Your Site Speed

Site speed is the speed at which a site responds when a visitor hits the URL in the browser. And as this site speed became the hectic thing for Google and to relief this obsession Google included a new signal to search ranking algorithms.

Always site speed is an important factor for a website’s credibility because the visitors or website authors or website owners will feel happy if the speed is faster and moreover internet users love to spend on faster sites than slower responding sites. In Google’s internal study it clearly says that visitors doesn’t show interest or spare more time when a website responds slowly. By improving site speed it not just increases visitor’s interest on our site but also it reduces operating costs. And because of this importance Google took site speed into account as a factor in web search ranking. Google uses various sources in determining speed of a website comparing to other sites.

Free Tools to Evaluate the Speed of a Website:

Page Speed: It is an open source Firefox/Firebug add-on which is used for webmasters or developers to evaluate the performance of a webpage and get suggestions on how to improve them. It can perform several tests on website’s sever configuration and front-end code. Running Page speed on webpage gives a set of scores for each page and useful suggestions on how to improve performance.

YSlow: This is Yahoo free tool for improving webpage speed. Based on some set of rules YSlow analyzes a webpage and suggests various ways on how to improve the performance. Yslow is included in Firebug add-on and YSlow user guide is included in download.
Webpage test: It provides us to test the URL of a webpage. Test can be done from a specified location and it provides a waterfall view of webpage on load performance as well a comparison with an optimization check list. The below image shows chart speed of website experienced by users world-wide.

Google Webmaster Tools: In Labs, Site performance shows the page speed of a website. And there are many other tools provided to evaluate the speed of a website.

Site Speed in Web Search Ranking
As Page speed is a new signal included in webpage ranking it doesn’t carry much importance for the relevance of a page. And currently Google doesn’t carry even 1 % of search queries while considering a factor Site speed into its algorithm. And this only applies for the search done in and English currently. If a website found not going much change in site rankings, it means that the site speed changes haven’t impacted that website.

It’s better to start looking at site speeds for better performances in site ranking in future.