Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google offers advice on SEO recommendations for pages with infinite scroll

Pages with infinite scroll are more frequently valued by users as compared to Googlebot, as Google itself figures out in a post published on their official Webmaster Central blog. Infinite scroll means, now a days we have number of websites with newer styles such as Pinterest, many landing pages with a lot of products on a single page. The issue with this infinite scroll is that search engine spiders cannot crawls the whole web site as a user.
You need to organize your content management system to produce paginated series to crawl all other infinite pages, in order to crawls the individual page from infinite scroll. Google stated that when a page with infinite scroll is converted to paginate series, it is easier for search engine spiders to crawl your site hence your site become search engine friendly. In this paginated series, each page has a same title with rel=next/prev values, which is stated in header tag.

Further SEO Recommendations for Infinite Scroll:

Google offers a full list of search friendly recommendations for pages with infinite scroll. Here we have some important points:
  • When JavaScript is not available, make your infinite-scroll page content into paginated series that can be easily accessible by search engine spiders.
  • On every page make sure that if a user came directly to this page, they can easily find what they need.
  • Make sure that every page has a correct load time.
  • There is no overlap between every page of content.
  • Each page must consist of full URL that can be accessed individually.
  • Organize pagination with every page containing rel=next and rel=prev values in the header tag.
  • Finally, analyze it by checking that page values regulate as the user scrolls up or down.
By applying above recommendations, make sure that your pages and total content can be seen by Google’s crawlers and your site become search engine friendly.

Four steps to improve your Content Marketing and beat your Competition

  Google changing its rules and guidelines constantly on search engine optimization (SEO) to provide better user experience. Henceforth, you need to implement innovative strategies to beat your competition for better ranking in search results. Most of the marketers are unable to receive the benefits of content marketing because their content is getting lost on the web even though their content is accurate and relevant.

Make a proper plan to use content marketing as your key factor for improving your business. Users search online either for solutions to solve their problems or to buy products online. If you offer them valuable information, they will show much interest on your business and services. In addition, content marketing helps you to attract potential audience for better growth of your business.

Strategies to win at content marketing

1. Create content for all types of readers

You must create content in such a way that, it should be useful for all types of readers when they search for right kind of information. Even though your content is unique, it is not seen by many people on the web because of high competition. Hence, you need to do research on keywords to make your content more valuable to beat your competition. Build a popular and more useful content with target keywords to reach all types of readers through which you can gain more traffic to your site.

2. Quality

As we know that, over optimization is not a perfect strategy to drive more traffic. While creating a quality content, you need to consider factors such as titles, keyword density, page length, originality and link strategy. Create quality content and landing pages for users not for search engines. Follow Google quality guidelines while implementing strategies to improve your website ranking.

3. Consistency

Monitor your competitor websites for few weeks and figure out changes and updates made by them. Try to do update your website more often to reach audience. The more often you make right type of updates, the more often crawlers check your website which in turn helps you to get better ranking in search results. Hence, try to update your website with quality content.

4. Longevity

You cannot go back in time and build a longer site, if your competitor site is so longer. However, to beat your competition, implement few necessary changes to make readers to stay on your page for a long time. Publish quality and useful post to improve your campaign.

How to update your SEO for 2014

SEO at its core should never be end, and it will change frequently more number of times in each year. For this reason update your site regularly to get more traffic and for better ranking.
map 2014
Update your SEO for 2014

1. Hold the attention with content

Content is more important and relevant to SEO strategy. Take some time to analyze the content for 2014 and write a list of small and longer keywords, brief information of articles and info-graphics that will make attractive blogs in your site.
If your site does not have the resources to write blog and unique content, we highly supposed to take others help to get content for you. Content writing is never one and done activity, so refresh your site regularly. If you don’t update or refresh your blog then don’t expect to change in rankings.

2. Give more importance to social media

For the last few years’ people showed much interest and spend their lot of time on social media networks like face book, twitter etc. By this reason these social media networks have been take a major role in the marketing fields. Having social networks presence is becoming easier to get more traffic and links to our site, because people can easily share content across social networks.

3. Invest your content in Google+

In order to make your social media marketing position stronger, you have to share unique content which must be different from your competitor's to drive more traffic. It will play a main role in search engine rank pages.

4. Build Links like A Pro

Here you can check and evaluate your site’s mainly linked content. You can also check which links point to your site by using webmaster tools. Broken link building is the better practice for finding broken links on better ranking sites. Link building is mainly used for building links for SEO. This guest blogger is the correct way to get exposure for your business marketing strategy, hence submits your site or blog to authoritative directories like DMOZ, Yahoo, and Yellow pages for appearing on top search results and to get more links.

Passively Attracting Links with Rich Filthy Linking

Building links from quality sites is very important, but it is just not possible only with good content. It is required to follow a process to get rich links along with other benefits.
Is it required to still care about links?
Though there are many problems with links but still they are considered a very basic and key part of Google’s algorithm. Therefore it is highly important, to plan and acquire links for any online business. As there were many changes made to get good links along with improvements and search engine visibility, while the right links will be able to produce:
·           Significant referral traffic
·           Online brand awareness
·           Social proof (improving conversion)
     Even before Google emerged links were present which were like stitches that will be connecting patchwork quilt of randomness in internet. 

Earnings links cannot be considered as a Myth:
If a link is earned organically it will not be a myth, until and unless if yours site is a big brand which requires time, creativity and investment. It is important to produce foundational content that can be used in long term so that it can be avoided to start newly every month.

Ways to get filthy linking rich:
The pages that rank higher in search engines will be attracting more links and will naturally strengthen their lead. If you think smartly then it is possible to turn these less number of links into large number of links. To maximize links, eyeball the content asset which will be passively attracting upon time by developing and processing in following ways:
1.       Concept
2.       Seed placement
3.       Prime
4.       Supportive outreach
5.       Extend
Using the right ideas, correct format, a good initial seed placement, intelligent priming along with thorough supportive outreach and content asset will make your link building campaigns successful.