Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Most Common 13 SEO Mistakes

Most Common 13 SEO MistakesSEO Mistakes

Initially Search Engine Optimization is not something performed with a blind approach। SEO is an individual set of procedures performed page by page to suit that page's particular goals.

The following are the most common 13 SEO mistakes that I have observed and over again by people trying to self-optimize their websites.

1. Building high amount of links to your website quickly.
2. Use of high Keyword density in your article.
3. Duplicate content across your website.
4. Repetition of title across your website.
5. Use of automated tool or software for spamming your links.
6. Not using the Meta keyword and description tag
7. Linking from a non related website.
8. Not using sitemap
9. Using spinned content which replaces the article by synonyms,
10. Bad internal linking structure for your website.
11. Changing your website title frequently.
12. Bad url structure for your websites.
13. Pinging your blog posts too often and at a quick interval.