Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why Google Changes Your Titles in Search Results

Every webmaster knows the importance of the title tag to rank in the Google search results. A good title tag canresult in increase clicks and get you good traffic to your site, while if your title poorly written can cause users to skip your siteand might visit competitors websites.

So how does Google determine your title tag of your page in search engine results? Is it influenced by schema? Is this influenced by header tags?

Some people don’t realize that the search engine (like Google) doesn’t show what in the title tag for individual page in your site. The change in page titles is not a new thing to Google search results.

There are many reasons to why Google will select page title apart from what webmaster wants to put in title of the page.

 “Whenever we try to select the title to appear in the search results, we have to search for related description of the page and is also significant to the query” Cutts explained.

Google looks for three things:
  • Something would be relatively and short.
  • A high-quality description of the page which will be present in search results
  • That it's relevant to the search query by the user.
If your title tag fits to the required specification, then often times the default 'title' tag will be used as your title of the page in search results.” Cutts said. “The title tag in ideal world describes the page and your site, it would relevant to user query and it would also be rather short."

Not all webmasters write high-quality title for the pages to display in the search engines. Sometimes we wonder why Google chose a strange or inaccurate title tags for a page, when it’s not present in title.

 “In Google, there are different ways to select the title for displaying in search results” cutts said.

“If title of your page is best then no matter, a user who types something in search results or it doesn’t see related results to their query and is likely to click on it. Hence in those cases we might dig a little bit deeper,” Cutts said.

He also said “we might use your content in your site”.  "We might look at the hyperlinks that point to your page and take some text from those links. We may also use Open Directory Project to choose what a good title would be to a webpage. We are looking for best title that will help tothe end user what they looking for."
Matt Cutts said that try to modify your title tags for those keywords you feel people are really looking for.

“So if you want to control the title tags to display in search results, you can’t completely do it, but you can try to except what user going search for" Cutts said. “So make sure title tag consist of what the user searching for or about the page but also about website or tries to give some text to the user knows what they get by clicking the link."