Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Before going into how we get quality links to our website, first start with why quality links to a website? We are having a newly built website with good design and best services but what if no visitors to the site, it just ruins the purpose of website. Link building is the procedure to solve the above issue. And getting quality links to our websites is a best practice for organic link building.

How to get Quality links to our website:

Relevancy: Unique content is always an ultimate way to impress search engines because search engines can only read text, not pictures. All quality websites looks for something in return when they give a link and it doesn’t mean money but expect an informational content or useful services that have a certain relevancy to their website. So submitting for relevant sites will probably a good way of getting quality links to our site.

Register with DMOZ or Yahoo: Registering with DMOZ (Free web directory) or Yahoo (Paid) is not as easy as it sounds because they accept only high quality websites. But once the site enters into these directories it can gain a relevant link and can gain easy access to other linkable websites which are probably of highest quality.

Blogs & Forums: If the site is newly built and unknown, a good way of marketing these type of websites is to get into community discussions like forums or blog. But always be conscious of not to spam or soliciting of our own site. Building a reputation can drive visitors to our site easily, and they will pass on links and chance of visiting your site frequently. This will increase visitors and marketing process becomes easy. Remember good and unique content always attracts visitors and make them recommend.

Target Group: Targeting exact visitors to your site will be an effective way. And think of issues your users might face and finding out solution in advance and publishing them would be highly appreciated by visitors. This type of approach can bring merit-based links and loyal followers who help us in generating direct traffic.

Social-Media: Always entertaining content is favor for visitors to share mainly in social media services. In social media, humor way of approach always an easy and best way to market our website. This is one of the more powerful way of marketing stunts but it’s not recommended to rely on them for long period.

Avoid Exchanging Links: If the visibility of our website is important factor then it’s very important to avoid exchanging links with low-quality websites or buying page rank passing links. And short term growth is not possible in legitimate link building strategies.

Competitor’s sites: It’s always a good practice to follow similar sites in other markets and update the strategies will be another good way of approach.