Friday, November 7, 2014

Why SEOs Need To Stop Automating Email Outreach For Links

In off-page technique of SEO, link building process is a time taking, so this link building process may be tempting to take shortcuts. But in email outreach process should always take the time to do.

Email Outreach Method

In terms of SEO industry, Email outreach process is preoccupied with automating. But this method is most commonly used by webmasters.

What is the correct email template we have to use to get back links?

This is common technique for couple years back. It fills our mail inbox with flurry of guest blog requests on daily basis. But now a days, group-on promotions are huge when compare with guest blog request.

So need to follow some simple tips, how to approach with email outreach. With below tips, it will cut down the spam emails to recipients.

Stop Over Automating

First stop sending mass emailing to 500 id’s with the same matter and same template. It will get good results. Instead of thinking about how can create time saving email template, think of which automation tools need to use.

First step is identifying a list of potential publications, websites or tools to get content featured within. BuzzSumo is a best tool for finding themed websites of your content. Then find out editor or columnist of that content then send them to email about your content. Invest time to create good content that reach directly to publications.

Crafting Email Pitch

After preparing content, it’s the time to start crafting email pitch. This means content should be share with themed publications only. So try to find themed publications and send them emails.

Email Template Tips

  • Outreach email template should be within 190 words.
  • Addressing the recipient with the name only.
  • Should be clear brief introduction about yourself and your client’s info.
  • The email pitch must be share direct point instead of unnecessary points.
  • Never send full length information at first time only until we get the response from recipient.
  • Use some bullet points to reach your content clearly to recipient.
  • Make sure to tell the benefits of your content to publishers.
  • In email, subject name not exceed 55 characters and the name includes content idea.

Be realistic with publications about your content and stop over automating email outreach.

Bing Ads Introduces Bulk Editing In Web UI

Bing Ads Offering New Bulk Editing Tools

As per Bing recent announcement, Bing ads introducing bulk editing in web UI and as well as we can review up to 1 million keywords, 5 lakhs ads, and 2,50,000 ad groups within the Web user interface or account. With this tool, Bing ad manager can manage the account easily with the campaigns without confusion.

This option is available in edit menu option in the keyword and campaign tabs. This tool will show the preview option for your changes. With this preview option we can take the decision whether go with the changes or not.

Previous tools are time consuming process to increase the bid to low performing keywords individually or increase the daily budget to all campaigns. To decrease this process, bing introduce bulk editing tools.

With Bing bulk editing, changes will done quickly and we can navigate from page to page after edit the changes. Now bulk editing tool available for only keywords, campaign budget and status changes. In future this tool may work also for ads and ad-groups as well.

Bulk Editing Tool Working Areas

  • Keywords : Bids, destination URLs, status
  • Campaigns: Budget changes, status changes
Bing ads also announced as, will work on notable feature like control over geo-targeting.

Best Practices to Create Content Marketing Strategy From Existing SEO Content

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy From Existing SEO Content

If any organization is following successful SEO strategies, those are creating great content to customers search. Here many people getting doubt as this successful content should be reused in their accounts like social media, email marketing, white papers and in e-books? Yes, we can use that content. But need to processed important note should be made.

SEO Is a Content Marketing

To get more traffic to our website or page from search engines content must be great, relevant and valuable to targeting audience. That content must be provides the solutions or answers for their questions or doubts. The main target of content marketing is driving more traffic to website, better user engagement with your website (i.e., time) and increasing conversions to the websites. These are every SEO goals as well as content marketing.

Share on Social Media

Publishing the organization with great successful content in websites and this content will reach the relevant and valuable audience successfully. We can share the same content in social media accounts where our valuable customers are active. Don't share others content or competitor content which tells about their own brands. Concentrate on your own brand sharing, this must be get back your customers back to your organization.

This strategy of sharing your good content in website pages as well as in social media, it will be increase search visibility and social visibility. Resulting is increasing in traffic from search as well as from social media.

Promote Through Email Marketing

We can promote great and successful content through email marketing also. But don’t use full length article as it is. Use a question to tempt your audience or customers to click through to your website. Use some extra content that must be engaging your customer in website.

Don’t include too much information in email content like awards, project completion or hiring etc. email marketing goal is drive new customers to our organization as well as repeated customers.

Convert into Whitepapers and E-Book

It is a good idea to engage your customers with your website. Publish your great content with the help of whitepapers or e-book format. These are in the format of downloading option. So user has a chance to download the content and read.

Google’s Panda 4.1 Update and Rolling Out

Google’s Panda 4.1 - 27th Panda Update - Is Rolling Out

Google team recently announced as it’s latest version of Panda 4.1 which is 27th panda update. It is going to develop algorithm with penalize of thin or poor content from ranking well. This updated algorithm released.
As per the Google+ post, this updated algorithm going to rolling out slowly this week and it will continue to next week, before being complete. As per the Google news, this updated algorithm will be effect about 3 to 5% on search queries depending on location.

Is There Any Effect From This Latest Release?

Google team saying that, this algorithm assume to be more accurate. It will be rank more high quality and medium sites to be rank better.
As per Google official post: “Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, we’ve been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely. This results in a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which is nice.”

New Chance For Some Sites and New Penalty For Others

As per this panda 4.1 update, penalized website which was effected by previous algorithms may have the chance to emerge, If they made the right changes to websites. It is a best time to changes the websites with Google suggestions which are hit by previous panda updates. If done with the right changes, websites traffic will increase by the next week.
But if not update the websites even new sites, there is a chance hit by this panda 4.1 update. So be ready with the right changes to old websites as well as new websites.

About That Number

Why it is calling Panda 4.1? Because previous panda update was 4.0, after this immediate update is Panda 4.1. Panda 4.0 doesn't make big changes that’s why Google rolling out Panda 4.1.