Monday, March 4, 2013

Do-follow Links vs No-follow Links

In search Engine Optimization the most common words are nofollow and dofollow links. This article will be useful for the SEO beginners to know how these links are important for the websites.

What is a DoFollow Link?

 Dofollow links allow spiders to follow a link. If you want to crawl a site by search engine spiders you can guide them with this dofollow links. The URL for the dofollow link is:
Anchor Text

We have to just add a special HTML markup inside the URL rel="dofollow" to the basic URL format. It is optional to use this attribute in the url. The url without dofollow attribute can also be crawled by search engine spiders.
The only benefit with this dofollow links is you can increase the Google page rank.

What is a NoFollow Link?

If you don't want to crawl a link by search engine spiders, you use this nofollow links. The main idea behind the nofollow links is to cut down on link spam. The URL for the nofollow link is,
Anchor Text

Thus, nofollow link is a link that search engine spiders cannot follow, as a result some SEO benefits won't be transferred to that link.
Placing a nofollow link at the top of the page has the more impact than placing it at the bottom of the page.

Types of No-Follow:
Robots Meta Tag: The URL is:                            

This means a search engine spider does not follow the links on the whole page.
Link Attribute: The URL is:
  This means search engine spiders not to count the link in terms of ranking pages.

Do-follow Links vs No-follow Links:

Google Page Rank is one of the important factors for sites and blogs. According to the site's importance and reputation Google gives the page rank. Page rank is a number given to a page which can be in between 1 to 10. This factor helps in determining page's rankings in the search results. Some of the factors like backlinks, inbound links, external links, internal links, no-follow links and do-follow links etc are taken into account to calculate page rank.

The following are some of the seo tactics to be considered which helps to increase your page rank:

Write High Quality Content

The content which you post should be fresh, unique and user friendly. Do not copy the content from any other site. By posting high quality content Google crawls your site thereby search traffic increases and ranks well in the SERPs. Update the quality content frequently so that page rank will be high for the original content and pages in your site. This is the first most important factor to increase the page rank.

 Make High Quality Backlinks

One of the factor search engine values the most is the backlinks. It is very much important to maintain a natural backlink profile by getting backlinks from quality websites. The high quality backlinks which we get should be a trustworthy site which helps to increase the page rank of your site.

Guest Posting

This is one of the best techniques to increase page rank and attract visitors. Write an article with unique content and submit it in the blog which has the option of guest posting. Make sure you guest post for a high page rank than yours then you can see the growth when there is page rank update. Hence guest posting is important for a page to be ranked.

Social Bookmarking

This is one of the factors to increase the page rank. There are many social sites in which you can share your site and can easily get free backlinks and traffic. The following are some of the popular social bookmarking sites: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Stumble Upon Digg Squidoo Delicious Hub Pages

Site Submitting

The best way to generate quality backlinks is to submit your site to popular directories which helps the search engine to index fast and boost your page rank. Some of the directories with high page rank are given below: DMOZ Yahoo Directory Ezine Article Article Base Go Article Link Exchange

Link Exchanging is one of the old methods to get traffic and increase your page rank. Contact the site owner whose page rank is high and has same niche as yours and ask him for link exchange. By this method you will get link juice, traffic and page rank. Keep Updating

Try to update your website with fresh and unique content. The more you post, the more Google will crawl and index your site and there will be more chances for your site to get high page rank. Forum Posting

Start posting in popular forum sites and answer the questions asked by the people. You can add signatures in the forums and get backlinks from forums. Hence traffic and page rank can be increased. Avoid using Black Hat Techniques

You will get banned from Google if you use black hat tricks. Stay away from those tricks and use white hat tricks to improve site's visibility and page rank. Some of the illegal tactics which you should never use for your site are: Keyword Stuffing Duplicate Content Paid Links Spammy Outbound Links Hidden Text
The above mentioned seo factors are helpful for your website to get good and high page rank.

Google Ad words Tips for Local Business

Google Adwords are often a best advertising method to your on-line sales. Getting Ads through Google may be a viable choice to get your web site to the highest of Google search results by with success bidding on keywords. Allow us to quickly take a glance at some effective recommendations on the way to use Google Adwords for your local business to generate and to improve your on-line sales.

Track Your Conversions

Any time the resource is being first you need to track the change rates. In transformation following specific decisive words will encourage you to meet the target objectives. Utilizing Google promotion statements you can screen the e-commerce transaction in web space. Investigate which keyword consolidation is getting higher ROI. Sorting out and concentrating on specific keyword is the route to auspicious connected business sector campaign.

Manage Your Ads and Bids

Create ad groups for multiple keyword variation relevant to your services and then manage the ads. Utilizing Google Ad expressions is the contrast between research group and sales group. This is there ought to be a contrast between item page and guests page. Offering methodology ought to be differ opposite the target customer.

Attractive Ads

The design of your ad will build an enormous distinction to your Adwords campaign. Due to this you can attract visitors to your website and however additionally get you a high CTR ranking thereby boosting your ad’s quality score, minimizing your cost-per-click (CPC), and guaranteeing your ads the next placement within the Google search results. This, in turn, ends up in a high ROI for your web site

Ad Extensions

Ad extension is to upgrade the effects of existing ads. So a large portion of the e business use item development advertisements. The ad extensions can show titles, images, snippets, and costs of your product. The site links are often helpful to show extra links bearing on your space of service and therefore the decision extensions ar meant for call-to-action functions.

Custom Landing Pages.

Most web site home owners do a big mistake of directing ad links to your home page. Instead of that you can add your ad links pointing to your landing page and few of them to necessary important pages of your website. The optimization strategy of specific keywords and anchor texts inform to your landing page.Backlinks are relevant to target urls.

What is SEO Co citation?

SEO Co citation: 

SEO Co citation is an identical measure used to establish a similarity in subject between two sites. The best example is, if site A is linked to site C and site B is also linked to site C, then site A and site B are related to each other, even though there is no direct relation. This relation between sites A & B gets stronger based on the number of links that they are linked identically.

In the above example sites A, B, C and D are related via co citation. There is no direct relation between them, but the sites that are linked to them tend to link to the other sites.

Want to know your websites co citation?

It's very easy to know our websites co citation. The 'similar pages' link that appears in search results next to 'cached' link is our site's co citation, means the sites that link to our sites tend to link to those sites as well. See the below figure.

If we want our website to rank high in SERP's we have to keep in mind about our linking neighborhood and co citation. Checking the pages where we are getting links from and who else are linked to those pages and checking whether those pages are related to our site will help us in better ranking.

Serious co citation services:

Some services that are related to co citation are as follows:

1.Directory/site research and locating.
2.Manual listing.
3.Link monitoring and evaluation.
4.Competitor analysis.
5.Link building.

Good and Bad examples of co citation:

Consider we have a site related to the sunglasses and we are looking for the back links. Suppose we bought a link in a page where our links looks like this:

Paid Advertisers:                 Online Casinos 
Sunglasses                           Gambling online
Cheap Viagra                      Cheap Drugs Online
Casino Betting                     Phentermine Cheap
Online Gambling                  Prescription Drugs

Here the search engines consider that our website is something related to gambling or drugs, because the page that we linked has the links that are related to drugs and gambling. This is a serious co citation and this is bad for rankings.

Coming to good co citation, if we got a page in directory pages like yahoo directory sunglasses page is great for our co citation. Because that page have the links related to sunglasses only and if we have a link in that page, search engines consider that our site is related to sunglasses and gives us the co citation of sunglasses. Now let us consider that we have a page in DMOZ also with the same companies that are listed in yahoo directory page then we have got some serious co citation with the right types of sites. By this good co citation we will get into the sunglasses neighborhood with other sunglasses sites. This will improve rankings.


How to Diagnose and Handle a Google Penalty

If you use unethical SEO techniques like black hat to improve your website ranking and traffic, Google easily identifies it and penalizes your site which is termed as Google Penalty. Website position (ranking) will drop down if site is penalized.

If your website traffic decreases drastically, don't assume that your site has been penalized. There may be several technical problems going on with your site. To check whether your site is penalized or not, just type and If it doesn't display Url and Backlinks of your site in search results, if you find only a home page in search results then there may be a probability of Google Penalty.

To avoid Google Penalty, you must follow below guidelines:

 1.Don't use hidden links and duplicate content (Plagiarism).

 2.Avoid cloaking or sneaky redirects.

 3.Remove doorway pages created for search engines not for users.

 4.Avoid Keyword Dumping and don't link to bad or banned sites.

Check your webmaster tool account for warnings to know about unnatural links and doorway pages that exist in your site. If your site has affected with Google penalty then first thing you have to do is to identify the cause of Google penalty because if you violate any Google guidelines your site may lead to penalization.

After removing unnatural links and offensive content, submit reconsideration request to Google by visiting site This is a manual process and it takes some time to verify your website by considering Google webmaster guidelines. If you set robots.txt file to avoid all bots or your server contains any configuration problem leads to blocking of your site in search engines.

Algorithm and manual are the two types of penalties you can receive. Algorithm penalty occurs when you violate Google terms of services. When you use irrelevant keywords, duplicate content and black hat techniques then manual penalty takes place. Website is completely thrown out of index, if it is affected with manual penalty.

Minus Thirty Penalty (-30 penalty): Thirty penalty affects your entire domain and it seems to be a manual penalty which drops your site in SERP. This penalty is incurred when your site contains thin original content and unnatural links. You can avoid -30 penalty by varying your anchor text and updating site with unique content.

Minus 950 Penalty (-950 Penalty): 950 Penalty affects few pages and your site suddenly goes down to bottom of search results. You can easily notice 950 penalty, by checking the keyword position of your site in SERP. So, use effective keywords and avoid keyword stuffing to get out of 950 penalty.

Extensive two way link exchange leads to Google penalty. Buying and selling links comes under link spamming, Google detects all these techniques easily and either it penalizes or bans your website.

Google Ranking Factors For A Site

Search Engine Optimization is a process which helps a site in achieving Google ranking that is through increasing quality and quantity of traffic with the help of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. SEO is not a one day task, it requires time and patience. It helps a site to be search engine friendly by making it to crawl and rank in search engines.

Important Google Ranking Factors:

Following are some of the Google ranking factors which are to be considered before optimizing a website:

Here are the points that are to be studied carefully for structure of website:

1.We need to make sure by checking complete navigation of website that each and every page is linked correctly and exact ‘anchor text’ is used.

2.Search engines never consider Flash, Frames, Funky Java Scripts etc., so it is better to avoid them.

3.It is important to write suitable Title and ‘Meta tags’ to rank well in SERPs.

4.Check out for canonicalization issues with the website and to get maximum benefit from link juice it is important to use ‘301 redirect’ to redirect website to a single url.

5.Content of the website need to be analyzed according to ‘Keyword Density’.

6.Depending on targeted ‘Keywords’ domain name should be analyzed.

7.Redirects should be maintained to a minimum number on the site.

8.Ensure whether there are any ‘duplicate pages’.

9.‘Robots.txt’ files code need to be checked carefully.

10.Sitemap .html and .xml files are to be created properly.

11.Examine the site for ‘broken links’.

12.To get full flow of link juice for a site a well balanced site structure has to be maintained.

13.Verify crawl errors if there are any in website.

14.Site speed has to be maintained at good level.

15.Check out the site for ‘Do-follow’ and ‘no-follow’ links.

16.Outbound links for a page has to be maintained.

With the help of all these factors that Google considers for a site it is able to give good search results.

Important factors that are considered for ranking by all search engines are:

1.Check whether main Search keyword exists on the page:
It is considered by all search engines that primary keyword must be present on the webpage. If we want to rank for any particular keyword then it should be presented on page as text but not as images.

2.Keyword Density has to be verified on a page:
Keyword density is nothing but to check the number of times a particular keyword is repeated and it is examined by all search engines. A good keyword density has to be maintained that is ideal ratio of content to keyword should be 3 to 5 %. But keyword should not be spammed and content should be written for users but not for search engines.

3.Fresh Content has to be maintained on site:

It is important to maintain fresh and quality content on site as Google loves fresh content and also shows last date of crawl in search results. It is important to note that quality content has to be written for users and not for search engines.

4.Relevancy of the website:
It is important to maintain relevancy of webpage according to search queries to rank well in SERP’s. So it is essential to maintain relevancy while writing content for a webpage. Google considers local factors for relevancy of a site, so it is necessary to maintain local keywords in content which is known as ‘local Seo’. It is also crucial to check for Latent Semantic Indexing as Google started giving importance to synonyms of search queries also.

5.Domain Popularity is another important factor:
Domain popularity is another important factor that is considered while ranking web pages by search engines. When a domain is more popular then there are chances of ranking high for the search queries related to its niche. So it should be noted to have good domain popularity to rank better in search engines rather than considering age of the domain.

6.Page Popularity:
Page popularity and domain popularity are similar in all but the only difference is that a web page will have popularity even though a domain has less authority.  Even though there are many pages in a website sometimes there are chances that a particular page of a site will get more popularized than others in search engines.

7.Social Media Appearance:
Social Media appearance of a site is an essential factor for ranking well in google. In these days as social media has lot of importance so every website need to make its entry in Social Media so as to gain love of Google. It is important to have followers from Social pages to our site and also need to maintain certain points while prompting pages or services in these social pages.