Monday, June 16, 2014

Spam Link Building Tactics

Link builders have a terrible reputation for hunting fad tactics, looking to build fast and simple links designed to control search engines, scaling their processes as much as possible to build link after link. This idea generated from the link building arms race pre-Penguin, which was very tough to shun within SEO. If you are in a competitive position, odds are your competitors and they were engaging in uncertain link building tactics during this era. Examples for Spam Link Building Tactics:
  • Blog Comments
  • Press Releases
  • Reciprocal Linking
  • Directories
  • Guest posting
These tactics should be used to scale a link building campaign and every tactic is an important tool within a natural, intelligently done link building project.

Blog comments:

Everyone with any appearance of a blog hates blog comment spam with a passion. This blog comment was a common concept because leave a comment on a post and your name will be linked to your website, in this way you have to show who you are and where you're coming from.
Here is the extreme spam comment:
Comment Spam

This type of automated script is the worst kind of misuse and it is a direct conclusion of:
  • Scaling a link building tactic
  • Poisoning the internet well
This blog comment spam became cheap hence Google especially introduced the nofollow tag to attempt to control in its impact and frequency.
Blog comments can attain the following points, those are:
  • Increased exposure to new audiences
  • Influencer attention and engagement
  • Diverse, natural links

Press Releases:

Google Link Schemes Press Releases Apart from this example clearly being spam, was it ever a better idea to create press releases exclusively for links, which were created exclusively for rankings? No – again that is an illustration of a manipulative practice, individually meant to manipulate rankings.
Press releases can be still done with links. Here are the common opinions:
  • Links from press release special sites will more than likely be rejected by Google.
  • In press releases, manipulative clear symbols tactics will be punished.
Press Releases can attain the following points, those are:
  • Important publicity for company events
  • Journalist and media attention
  • Promote positive attention to your company's development

Reciprocal Linking:

It is another main example of a natural online process measured as a link building tactics. The actual procedure was based around forming a partnership with another website, and both websites gained from mutual linking, sending traffic back and forth. Basically it was an editorial link the way Google calculated as a vote of confidence.
Unexpectedly, once again scale collapsed another perfectly acceptable manner of linking. Spam pages with hundreds of links out to other "trusted" companies became the standard, unnaturally increasing search engine page rankings. Google link schemes now contain excessive use of reciprocal links:
Google Reciprocal Links
Again, pay observation to the language is mostly "excessive" and "exclusively". Exactly Google does not desire you to use manipulative tactics that are only assigned to improve your rankings in search results. In its place, you want additional natural, business-centric goals when generating such reciprocal links.
Reciprocal linking can attain the following points, those are:
  • Establish important business relationships
  • Further your own authority
  • Build trust across the web


Directories actually survived before search engines – they were the original way to find related information and trusted websites around the web. There are decent ways to follow directories, in fact which can have a helpful value to your business, including links. Generally speaking, there are two types of worthwhile directories to pursue:
  • Niche specific directories
  • Local directories
Some directories of Niche still have the power, but only if they make available as a branding possibility. These directories are also having the chance to drive referral traffic. To establish their online presence within a community, local directories are very significant. There are many local directories any business looking to develop their online visibility should consider, including: Google Places Yelp Yahoo Local Bing Local Angie's List Kudzu Etc. etc.

Guest Posting

  • Guest blogging is more than just an SEO tactic; it has certain roles online tied to marketing, business, authorship, and speech. Google couldn't announce guest blogging "done" if they wanted to.
  • No-following all links within a guest post is forcing a difficult subject on the masses who are ill ready to deal with such technical issues. Even if Google does get broad adoption, they are adjusting natural, editorial links for the purpose of eliminating any potential manipulation.
  • Cutts pointed out that there is a lot of variation between quality guest blogging and the spam guest blogging.