Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Data Centric Approach For 404 Optimization

To find the 404 error pages for few pages it is not hard but it is very critical when it comes to find out thousands of 404 pages.
To sort out this problem there are two metrics, to have a glance over back-links which are the quality links to your site and landing page visits of your site in analytics.

Pull Landing Page Data

Prefer to check the landing pages in analytics Content > Site Content > Landing Pages.

Get Your Backlinks Data

Check the back links to your site using avail of different tools like
Open Site Explorer
Google Webmaster Tools (Traffic > Links to Your Site > Your Most Linked Content > More)
There are two metrics to find out huge number of 404 pages. They are:
Screaming Frog
GWT(Google Webmaster Tool)

1. By using Screaming Frog:

With the use of Screaming frog, find out 404 errors after running a scan of the site, go to Response codes > filter:client error(4XX) > export.

2. By using Google Webmaster Tools (GWT):

To remove 404 pages with Google webmaster tools, go to health > crawl errors > URL errors > Web or Mobile : Not found > Download

Remove downloads related to csv except the list of 404 URLs and save the file as an xlsx file.

By this data-centric approach, you can easily identify the address of back links and you can easily fix it.

An Easy Win with Local Link Building

        Link building is done regularly by SEOs but they ignore local link building in link building campaigns. Local link building helps in gaining grip with in competitive search verticals, also helps in driving and converting relevant traffic. Importance of optimizing links of local searches is that it aids in building national industry links by using geo-specific anchor text and get great links from local authorities.

       Local links are important because it is the simpler and easiest way to knock into Google’s effort which aims to provide deeper information about any site in their SERP’s. Also we can see the effect of local listings in SERP for organic spots as there will be crowding in search results.

Creating a Local Mind Set:

The essential step in creating local mind set is that there is need to launch a local link building campaign and build local authority links. In this campaign it is highly important to build links relevant to our industry along with measure of authority. Because in local link building campaigns, measure of authority is considered as important point.

Following are two vital and primary questions that are to be analyzed while beginning a local link building campaign:

1. With-in the community who has highest authority

2. Do my site have any interaction with any of the local:

Service Providers
Media organizations
Social Events
Educational Institutions
Societies etc.,

If we work out on above points then we can create great opportunities in local localities.

Local Authorities:

There is a need to find out local authorities in community for the following two reasons:

1. To clue Google in to our own authority, it is utmost important to build a link from the authority site to our site.

2. To achieve authority in local community what are the methods they are following and also further our own detection of local authority.

In above two steps first one should be goal and second one will be an extra “above and beyond” depending on how involved we are in local community with our interest in achieving authority. First step will be achieved only if you reach them and build relation with local authorities.

To achieve a link from local authority there is a need to create positive interaction between our company and authority, community. Some of the possibilities that help in interacting in positive manner with the community or local authority are:

It is a good step in sponsoring or participating at an event where they are member.

Inviting local authorities by creating a community event.

If there is a possibility then we can even employ there services and give a positive feedback.

Creating and promoting content that will be useful to the community such as local maps, pet friendly locations within community, a local entertainment guide or a map, review of nearby great outdoor opportunities.

Give positive news about your company whenever there is opportunity in local community.

Above are the few suggestions that help in gaining a link from local authority. But solution to local link building is that every campaign will be special based upon industry, locality and current standing within the community. Thinking imaginatively will constantly yield us with the best results.

While step 2 is important for understanding, level of involvement is important in achieving local authority. But the best way to get good amount of local links is to gain local authority. Following are some of the actions that help to create authority within local community:

Investing time, money and energy in community.

Providing helpful news, information in community.

Leading to discussions in community on current topics.

Taking a step to organize community events.

Multiple ties throughout the community.

Local link building involves around finding local authorities, creating positive interaction, and bringing your relationships into the online world. Creativity and unique thinking will help in building high quality, great links that will never achieved with any tool.


Why Asking StumbleUpon To Remove Your Links Is Dumb

StumbleUpon is receiving regular requests from people asking for it to take away their links to their sites, as the site owners are not comfortable in connecting to from a popular and long-standing social media sharing site is somehow hurting them with Google. The linksanity sorrowfully continues.

Ever since Google stepped up its onset on bad links, in specific with its Penguin Update, there’s been panic in some quarters about getting links removed. It’s not about taking off all the links but about removing bad links.

StumbleUpon is an established, good social media site. This site helps people to share links with others, in a channel surfing approach.

That is a much diverse situation than acquiring links from article websites that frequently appear to have no other intention but to let people gain links. These types of links, where they don’t obtain and subsist mainly for the intentions of just having a link, such type of links have tended to Google targets.

It is true that Google does want people hit by its Penguin updates to remove bad links from the sites. Google doesn’t want people to just depend on the disavow link tool. But asking smo sites to remove your link is a no purpose in it.

What’s Google’s judgment on this? It wouldn’t comment on StumbleUpon especially, but Matt Cutts who is in the leading position on Google’s web spam team advised that people should use the disavow tool if they can’t remove a link they want to from a site.

As for StumbleUpon, it’s not overwhelm with these requests, featured them as “handful” per week. But they’re really unnecessary. If you indeed don’t want your links on the site, you should use the disavow tool. But you should put your effort into other areas.