Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Google Now Launcher Now Available

After a long wait now Google has finally launched the App “Google Now Launcher”. This app will be Available on Play Store from Wednesday on 26th February 2014. In the beginning the Application was revealed for “Nexus 5” last year. There was a promise that the Launcher will be available for the other devices also.
Really it was just an App that was built in Android platform. This App connects the Google Search to the operating system. Integrating the package will add the Google Now Launcher. It supports most of the features like, the system bars will be turned into transparent and also creates the Google now interface in the Device.
The Launcher has both the advantages and disadvantages because of the larger icons which appear on the Home screen. Even users may like or dislike this feature because home screen can be replaced with Google now Launcher and will no longer be used.
It gives an explanation that if a user has application on two screens of home then those two can be used along with Google Now Launcher. But if there are any extra screens on the home then they will be left remain.
Somehow there are some benefits available in this Launcher. For example a swipe on right side will bring the Google Now Launcher home screen and also displays the Weather, News, and whatever the things you have added.
And one cool thing is that you can just use the mobile by not even by touching but just saying “OK GOOGLE”. This leads to the voice search which will start.

Use advanced PPC tactics to achieve target results

   Do you consider yourself a PPC expert? Then you might have an experience in creating adwords account and setting up PPC campaign.You can make an use of advanced PPC tactics to raise your PPC campaign to next level.

Apply all ON page SEO practices to drive PPC traffic for a landing page

Quality score plays an important role in ad campaign, position and budget. It is more useful while determining the cost of campaign based on keyword clicks. Hence, most of the advertisers focus more on improving the quality score of the ad group level through landing page content to reach targets.

PPC experts have to implement ON page factors on target landing page for a successful PPC campaign. Optimize your target landing page with the same keywords that are used in the ad and the ad group level for improving your quality score.

Concentrate on High value Keywords

Most of the advertisers use multiple keywords for an ad group while setting up a campaign. If you have a keyword which contribute high level priority, then place that high value keyword to the entire ad group to improve your ad's performance.

Furthermore, adding high value keyword to an ad group makes you to monitor its performance from the ad group level which in turn helps you to achieve better results for a campaign.

Standardize AdWords Account Names

This type of technique might sound strange, but building and sticking to a predetermined account structure and naming convention will make your campaign to run smoothly from beginning to end.

Name your campaign and ad group titles with generic words to work within adwords easily. This kind of titles helps you to organize short and long term reports easily for better insight. Name your campaigns and ad group levels in the same manner in order to avoid confusion while monitoring the campaign performance.

Align Retargeting Frequency to Buying Cycle

All PPC professionals have to know and utilize some strategies while retargeting the campaign. Initial strategy is to serve ads for visitors properly to convert them into potential buyers which has been failed in the first attempt. It is important to think more logically and strategically about timing of your ads. Match them in proper way to achieve target results. In addition, think about buying seasons along with overall buying cycle when planning retargeting strategy.

For example, a raincoat site can run a retargeting feature in rainy season and it doesn't make a lot of sense to run same ad in April because no wears raincoat in summer season.

Use Separate Retargeting Cookies for Specific Pages

The ultimate goal of retargeting strategy is to convert former visitors to buyers with the help of relevant ads. To implement this strategy, place unique retargeting cookies for each product or service on your website. In this way, you can easily identify the target element of your website and serve those relevant ads to reach target results.

The aforementioned tactics can help advertisers to fine-tune their efforts to build more quality campaigns for improving PPC performance. Furthermore, you can increase the campaign performance easily with the help of few factors such as planning, strategy and timely execution.