Friday, August 14, 2015

Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

In paid business listings, Up to four results will be displayed with directions and click-to-call links. Google recently announced regarding mobile ad format lineup. As per the updates, it is a time affecting location-based search. It will effect in search engine result page as it display's up to 4 ads in business listing ads based on location related searches in a nearby businesses pack.

According to Google trends March month data, “Near Me” search keyword are used by the users to double compare with last years. In this 80% of traffic comes via mobile. With this update, new nearby business ads are shown up instead of old traditional text ads.

These ads are created in google adwords account, which is in the location extension option. It will show ad text which includes a link to get directions to reach their business location or show click to call their business contact number. It will be easy to reach to the user as well as business people. It has a user friendly option towards customers as well as business guys because giving the direction to reach the location or will provide the click to call option to contact directly with the business employees for help.

Nearby business ads are same as the organic local business listings on Google mobile search pages. Business advertiser must have location extension in enable status in their Google adwords accounts to be eligible for displaying the new nearby business mobile ads.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Link Building Never Ends

Is Link Building Died?

Many webmasters assume as link building is no more in terms of Google search engine. But link building process is a long time project that never ends. Link building process is a natural part of the ongoing online marketing cycle.

To rank in search engines, need to get fresh back links for your website. These new links will create great exposure to new visitors and make engagement to search engines. Building back links is not a onetime marketing strategy like “Do it and forgot”. Acquire fresh back links is on ongoing investment that helps your ecommerce website, online business and as well as branding growth. Don’t be thinking about link building as short term SEO boost. It is a continuous ecommerce marketing strategy.

Building Links Comes Last

Finding best back links will be the final process with proper steps for an online marketing strategy. In online marketing campaign, must be done through step by step. These steps must be implemented before start of building links.

The Check List For Link Building

1. Develop a user-friendly website

Websites must be updated on regular basis and upload with latest content with user friendly tacks.

2. Optimize your technical and on-page SEO

On-page SEO is must and should as per Google algorithm updates.

3. Ensure your site is not currently being penalized

Daily check your website traffic if the traffic is down or not.

4. Perform market research for keywords to rank

Make a market research on audience behavior, competition and market trends.

5. Create compelling and valuable content

Older content must be update with latest fresh content on regular basis.

If not done with above steps, don’t start link building.

Link Building Never Ends

Acquiring the back links is a part of online marketing cycle and it is an ongoing process. Link building never ends because:
  • The website is constantly evolving, and cyclical marketing will continually get link prospects.
  • Continued fresh content uploading, it will create necessary link opportunities.
  • Link root requires fresh links.
  • Competitors will continue to improve and build links.

Google "Mobilegeddon" Has Officially Arrived

Time to Prepare for Google Mobilegeddon

Google recently updated the algorithm called “Mobilegeddon”. This is effect on below things,
  • Responsive mobile design does not have a ranking benefit.
  • Googlebot will test "mobile-friendly", it must be allowed to crawl CSS & JavaScript.
  • Mobile friendliness will be crawl at the page level – not sitewide.
  • Tablets device will not be affected by this algorithm.
  • Google algorithms are currently working on a dedicated mobile index.
comScore recently gone through a research on this algorithm update. 10% sites are reflecting sites which are having large text, easily clickable internal links and optimized sizes that fit the smart phones smaller screen. Your websites must be mobile friendly design, it must be demoted in search engines rankings. This means dropping traffic from mobile devices. The updates will reflect to individual pages but not entire site.

Many top ecomorce websites donot have mobile friendly sites, after they changed to mobile friendly according to algorithm update. So some competitors take advantages of their position before they optimize. If not done to change your site as mobile friendly, do quickly to recover from algorithm effect.

Want their rankings fast in search engines SERP, websites need to focus on zoom-free readability, screen optimization, large enough buttons, and page load time. This mobilegeddon algorithm is giving first priority to visitor. This update is ongoing spreading of mobile devices. Google also changed its mobile search result page like give more reader-friendly description than the URL.

If the business isn’t focus on this algorithm, competitors will be taking over the business. So our business will be in losing. Your business must be give great user friendly experience to the visitor or customer.

Pros of Mobile Sites

  • Website can be optimizing for mobile users.
  • Business website should be in mobile-friendly version.
  • Easier and cheaper to design

Cons of Mobile Sites

  • Recurring maintenance
  • Higher costs for updating the content of multiple websites
  • May need to be reworked to meet future browsers

Google’s Doorway Algorithm Update

Google To Launch New Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm

Doorways page are developed in websites or as web pages to rank in search engines for highly specific search queries. But as per latest algorithm, doorway pages are very bad experience for users because they can lead to many similar pages in SERP. Where each page giving same information to end user. For example, having multiple domains which are targeting specific country or city but they are redirects to the same destination page.

Google recently announced officially that they were released a new ranking adjustment especially to doorway pages. Why google update with doorway page penalty algorithm, because to maximize their search footprints without adding fresh and unique content
  • To examine check whether your website will be hit by this doorway page algorithm or not? Ask yourself with below questions.
  • Is the reason to optimize your website for search engines and end users visit the pages are actual usable or relevant portion of your site?
  • Are the website pages planned to rank on common terms yet the content provided on the webpage is very relevant?
  • Created web pages duplicate useful gatherings of items like locations, products, etc., those already existed on the website for the purpose of more search traffic?
  • Are these type of pages created only for receiveing affiliate traffic and redirecting users along without providing unique content?

Why Google Update This Algorithm?

Suppose, visitor type a search query the SERP will give some search results. Those search results are all go to the same web page then user will be frustrated. To avoid these situations google updated their algorithm. So be aware about doorway pages in your websites.

Friday, May 29, 2015

How to Optimize Facebook Business Page

10 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Nowadays, social media is very popular in business especially in online business. So every e-commerce website must be having top social media accounts like facebook and twitter. Now we will discuss how to do business face page and how to optimize them?

To success in business, facebook will bring more business as we expect if you done good optimization to facebook business page. Here we are giving some tips to optimize the page.

Reposition Photos

When uploading the photos or images, reposition the photos. If placed the images at poor position will make your page look sloopy. Try to keep your facebook timeline as tidy as possible.

Proofread Your Content

When you writing “About” section of your business, ensure that there is no grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and missing punctuation. If we having these mistakes, customer thinks like as demonstrating a lack of professionalism.

Clean Up

Regularly update the facebook page with great milestones. Try to utilize the star or highlighting the business features. It will bring attention to customer.

Link Your Social Networks

Connect your all social media accounts with facebook page like Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. With this visitor can engage your social media pages with multiple platforms.

Tag Your Fans

Use tagging option in facebook. Try to communicate your customer with tagging option (Use “@” before name). It will post your fan page then the post will be shown to all friends who are in tagged fan facebook timeline. This must look professional, don’t misuse the option for silly reasons.

Create a Vanity URL

It is an extremely important task to having a simple URL to direct customers to your facebook page. It will be great helpful to your product brand and increase engagement.

Share Often

Spread your content with sharing option. Make sure, try to give catchy headlines to the content and encourage fans with questions, answers and suggestions.

Pin It

If having any eye catching content, product or any blog post. Pinterest is a great way to drive the customers back to your facebook business page. Just pin and voila in Pinterest account.

Enable Messaging

Need to discuss with fans directly without posting in timeline. Just enable messaging option in manage permissions under admin panel.

Spread Some Cheer

Continuously upload content or product details, fans will be feeling bore about the facebook page. So sometimes update the timeline with wishes like happy Friday, happy weekend or what you are doing to take your mind off the grind this weekend? Like this. These types of posts will create a tight bond with your loyal fans. It will also increase positive engage in your wall by giving replies to your posts.

So follow these suggestions and keep your fans engage in your business page. These tips help to get the more fans to your facebook business page.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Ways Small Business Can Build Their Brands in 2015

In 2015, many companies will learn to stop bothering about link building and also start learning about building their brands in order to succeed in search marketing. 
In earlier days, an unknown company could build a group of target keywords, anchor links and start ranking, which was enough. But in 2015, it becomes very difficult. It takes only visual and user-friendly Web design, in the presence of social media that is engaging as dynamic and also requires a well-built brand, which sends a bundle of positive signals to rank well.
Small businesses takes more time as well as hard work, to build their own brands. Here are some ways to do it.

1. Get a Logo

Logos takes an essential role in building a brand and which are the shorthand. In that logo, the visual cues are used to communicate a product’s culture, actions and values, according to Su Mathews Hale of design firm Lippincott. Logos are instantly noticeable and can provide the base upon which a brand can be built.

2. Give Branded, Promotional Goods Away

Here is a small question, why so many businesses give branded goods away? It’s because they work. Hence consumers could remember the name of a brand or company, that had given them 76.1 % of a free promotional item remaining 53 % could recall TV or print ads.

3. Participate in Welfare Events

Welfare events are one of the best ways to build a brand in society. In 2012, about $316 billion was donated to United States charitable causes.
By this reason so many people are interested in donating to those worthy causes. So they not only help the business network and also develop or cultivate their brand. Then name of the company and logo will be displayed all over the world, it produces tons of brand exposure.

4. Have an Engaging Social Media Presence

Social media takes a major role in a marketing imperative. If a logo is a brand’s face then social media becomes its voice. It allocates brands to engage with supporters and followers.

5. Connect to Something Larger Than the Business Itself

These companies aren’t just in it to make revenue; they want to help people by providing with a special service. According to a recent study, people are fascinated to nostalgic items because they connect them to something bigger than themselves.
If you want to build your brand, you need to take certain actions. And also ensure that your company is always interact with people once it catches their eye.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Quality Content Factors

List of Factors for Quality Content

Search engines catch up with quality content. For google, content is a ranking factor? How is the content helpful to the publishers cop? Recently search giant released list of unhelpful questions. With these questions, need to follow these before going to develop the content by publisher.

Help The User to Complete A Specific Task

Develop the content with the combination of defined keywords and user intent combination, rather than using random keywords. First understand the user intent and then organize the keywords. It leads quality content.

Organize Limited Subsections

Google algorithms updates are against keyword stuffing. So avoid keyword stuffing and concentrate on relevant keywords then structuring each with subsections.

Write A Strong Title & H1

It is very important of writing title and h1 tag for the content. It must tell the user what the content is having as a piece of information. So be clear while preparing title and h1.

Ask Yourself If You Would Share It

Quality content is inherits and spreadable information. Question yourself as "Is this content sharable in your circle that means social network?

Make Sure It’s Relevant

After completion of the content make sure the content is relevant or not. Don’t be comprised with the relevant content.

Check Word Content

Word count is different in various Medias. In terms of ranking longer content is better with social media, sharing content with 1000+ words. At last user experience is always high priority. So develop the content in full-fledge.


After developing the content, double check with spelling and grammar mistakes by professionals or yourself.

Link To Good Sources

Give a link to relevant pages which are the anchor tags in the middle of the content.

Unique Content

Unique content will give value to user as well as search engines.
Follow above tips when writing a content and get the best ranking in search engines.

2015 SEO Tactics

Search Engines Strategies in 2015

Top search engines are developing their algorithms gradually. According these algorithms webmasters should improve their skills parallel. Why SEO been used, because to get good return investment i.e. ROI. So follow below tips to get best ROI.

1. Creating Incredible Content That Earns Links

In terms of search engines, inbound links are influenced to rank in SERP. Try to get the links from high quality websites. Getting the links from relevant websites will not be helpful to SEO but also with referral traffic. With referral traffic business will receive more sales and brand exposure. So create great and unique content that must be shared by people.

2. Co-Citation Links

Regularly search engine bots, crawls your websites along with competitors. This tells that your site is related to niche. Try to get the links from those niches.

3. Broken Link Building Method

Fix the broken links in your niche websites. It is a good white hat SEO technique. It will work if your content is good to replace with lost content. First find out broken links in your niche then communicate with that niche to recommend an alternative to the broken link.

4. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is a technique to get the new links by finding 404 links to your business site and to be fixed by the publishers.

5. Link Outreach

It is an old technique but best one. In this technique, find out your niche contact information and communicate with them politely for a link.

6. Competitor Analysis

Every webmaster will analysis their competitor on regular basis. Analyze competitor links and try to get the links from those referring sites also.

7. Focus on ROI Instead of Keyword Rankings

Your targeting keyword is ranking well in SERP but not a part of successful SEO. Try to rank at first position for many related keywords that have no real ROI. So focus on your business metrics that brings conversions.

8. Mobile SEO

Mobile is a popular device now a day and mobile usage also been increasing year by year. So develop the business site for mobile portability. It will bring new customers.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Meaning / Definition

What is online reputation management? It is a online business process which include establishing the business, maintaining, modifying and observing publicly of individual or organization. Reputation management is impact or maintaining of an individual or business's reputation. Originally it came from public relations term but when considering to internet terminology it is “Online Reputation Management” (ORM).
Most business persons didn’t give importance to ORM until the time. Need to get the knowledge of online reputation management before the business gets into negative reviews appear in SERP’s.
ORM is a dirty business. Our competitors may create fake reviews and negative feedback. With this process, our business reputation will be spoiled. If a bad complaint appears at the first page, it may lose many customers.

Claim Your Business Profiles

Famous search engine, Google suggest's positive content post as a method for reputation management. Parasite hosting are refered to business websites with high trust and authority that give the permission towards self-publishing of content. Below are some parasite hosts,
  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • YouTube
Very important suggestion is to claim all available profiles.

Create & Optimize Content

  • Write and optimize the content which is to be posted in bio page.
  • Add sub-domain(s) and optimized content (Ex:
  • Implement Goolgle+ authorship.
When optimizing the content use below features.
  • Brand Name(s) + Category.
  • Brand Name(s) + Top Products.
  • Brand Name(s) + Google Suggested Phrases (Ex: Brand Name Scam, Brand Name Reviews)

Create a Social Media Policy

Now social media is adding new features to online reputation management. If business owner or employees who are not having knowledge on ORM, it will lead to inappropriate. So having knowledge on social media policy is good business. Educate about the social media policy to every employee to prevent missteps.

What to Monitor

Need to observe below things,
  • Company Name
  • Brand Name(s)
  • Key Employee Name(s)
  • Persona / User Name(s)

How to Monitor

Below are some suggesting tools:
  • Google Web Alerts – found in the Google Dashboard > Me on the Web
  • Yahoo Alerts
  • Naymz
  • Rankur
  • Twitter Search
  • Google Search
Manually, review on regular time period for any negative reviews or feedbacks.


Make communication with customers is high priority in your organization on regular basis. Make social media policy in place and follow those. Make a deal with the public which includes golden rules of principles. These tips and advices will avoid your business negative reputation.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Microsoft and Google Optimize Santa Tracker Websites for Mobile

Santa Tracker Websites for Mobiles

Microsoft and Google going to advance with Santa tracker for mobile sites. As of late Microsoft worked with Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to make Santa Tracker for portable sites. Build its tracker alongside web adventurer as reevaluate campaign. This tracker will permit the guests to pursue Santa Claus courses around the globe on Christmas Day.

When comes to Bing search engine, Bing maps optimize with interactive 3-D globe. This was optimized for touch, movies, music and Santa around the world. It is also a feature games.

From most recent 60 years, surprisingly Santa tracker is advanced for mobile. Santa Clause tracker will work in windows phone clients to track St. Scratch's whereabouts with Cortana. The following data is accessible at NORAD.

Google developed their own Santa tracker for their users. This tracker will available to user until December 24th. In Google Santa tracker games, Google doodles, some learning activities are available. This tracker is just like Microsoft site and features an interactive world map. With this user will get the help on different traditions from all around the world.

The conventions are similar to Kyrgyz custom of lighting firecrackers at midnight on New Year's Eve, when Grandfather Frost leaves kids displays or Christmas season that is standard in the Philippines.

Even android users also use this tracker, just download Santa tracker and follow him on Google map.