Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 7 Tricks to Rank in Google Places

We all know the fact that, it's very hard to get ranked in Google places for many searches. According to Google, creating a free listing about our business is called Google places. When a customer search for local information, they'll find our business details like our business name, address and images of products. If we have a blog for our business then Google places helps it to grow online.
Google places are becoming the most important in today's life. Getting well ranked in Google places is very important for any business. Generally for a search term Google places consider the top parts of the page. So we can see some Google places above our site even if we ranked first for certain keyword.
Some tricks to secure our rank in Google places are given below:

1.Set Up:

The first thing is to set up a business page in Google places. For this all we need is to create a Google account, which is free and easy to set up. Then by using this account we have to submit our profile page and other details in Google places.

2.Build Citations:

Citation is defined as a mention of our business details on other websites.     A business with more number of citations ranks better than a business with less number of citations. For citations we don't need a website for our business.
Google places ranks the websites based on trust, citations plays a vital role to build trust. When we put our business details like address, phone number in our citations and when Google searches for that address it places our website on top. To build strong citations we can use press releases.

3.Get Listed:

Submitting citations in best sites like Yahoo, Insider pages and Angle's list is important. Because these sites will gives us the most juice. Best citations allow us to provide all the information about our business in Google.
So provide as much information about our business as possible. It may helps in rankings for different types of searches.

4.Make Sure of the Accuracy of your citations:

We have to check our citations for the correct details of our business like names, addresses, phone numbers and many more. Providing a physical address can helps us in placing better position. It is important to check the data in our citations and the data in our website are same. Provide the same information in citations that is in our contact us page.

5.Build more local links:

The common link building provides back links to our site, but not local links that have our business name, address, phone numbers and others. In normal SEO we can add this information in Social media posts. But if we get these links from blogs, business sites and directories, then it could benefit to our business because these acts as reviews also.


For ranking in Google places "Reviews" are the important one, these are the links that show trust. It is must to ask our clients to write review about our business in Google. A detailed review about our business is helpful in getting rankings. Good ratings results good rankings. We have to ask our clients to write a detailed review about our business not less than 10 lines and ask them to use our main keyword in that review.

7.Make updates to your places page:

By Changing some details about our business in our Google places page can provide a difference in rankings. We don't need to edit images or videos, just edit the descriptions and other related areas. Surely it will make a difference.

Seo Metrics

The seo metrics are widely used measurements for tracking the ongoing process of a web site progress. With the help of seo metrics one can get their site results so that ranking position of a site and any other modifications can be done. These find a better solution to get succeed from competitors.

The following are some of the seo metrics:

SEO Rankings
Organic traffic
Back links
Indexed pages
Social shares

1. SEO Rankings: By the keyword research in search engines, the ranking of that particular keyword results in SERP. You have to check their keyword rankings in search results daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Seo ranking depends on proper usage of primary and secondary keywords in your site. Search engines rank mainly according to primary and secondary keywords. With the use of unique keywords in your site the traffic can be increased so that ranking of your site will also be increased.

2. Organic Traffic: Organic traffic which is meant to the number of visitors visiting to your site in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can check the traffic figure with the help of analytics that have to set up in your site, for example Google analytics, it gives the traffic configures and few more analysis of your website can be known.

3.Back links:     This is one of the seo metrics which indicates the number of links that are linking to your website. The worth of your website depends on the number of quality back links. The search engines use this as an important metric to measure the website ranking. The popularity depends on domain authority which results in getting a high number of quality back links.

4.Indexed Pages: The pages which are visited by at least one search engine and that are stored in database. This metric helps to rank in search engine results if all your web pages are well indexed by search engines. The index page checker tool which checks your pages whether indexed or not by search engines like Google, Bing etc. There are few ways like press releases, new blog postings etc to increase your pages well indexed and to drag the huge traffic.

5. Social networking shares: Facebook, linkedln, twitter, Google+ etc are some of the social networking sites through which you can share your posts which can be useful to the visitors. The content what you are posting should be relevant and should be more useful to the public, so that visitors can share their views, likes, comments on your posts which are shared on social networks. With these you can estimate your site position and implement better ways to get huge traffic to your posts.


Pinterest has launched Web Analytics, a tool used for tracking the traffic of the verified website and Pinterest. Bloggers, businesses and organizations will be able to see what people are pinning from their websites through this tool. Web Analytics tool helps website owners in creating the content and marketers see what pinterest users are doing with the content. This tool measures your return on investment in social marketing. It also shows you the number of visits, clicks and impressions.

Web analytics page also shows your most recent pins, most repinned and most clicked pins.
The web analytics features include the following:
 i. Number of people who have pinned from your site
 ii. How many users have seen these pins
 iii. Number of people visited your site from Pinterest
 iv. What people are repinning

 Web Analytics is available to the marketers with business accounts on Pinterest. So, create a new business account or convert your existing Pinterest personal account to business account. Complete the verification process so that your website will be verified. Follow the instructions in given url below: http://business.pinterest.com/verify
The below screenshot shows site metrics, most recent, most repinned, most clicked tabs.

To get started with web analytics page follow the steps below:
1.Users should switch to Pinterest's new look. You can get access to new look by clicking "Switch to New Look" tab at top right menu.
2. Ensure that your website is verified. If a red checkmark appears next to your domain on your profile then your website is verified.
3.Then, go to top right area and click on Analytics.
4.You can change your date range or download your analytics to sort through the data later using export option on the right side as shown in the below figure.

On the site metrics tab, you can see:
Pins: the average number of things pinned from your website in the given date range on a daily basis.
Pinners: the average number of unique people pinned from your site in the given date range on a daily basis.
Repins: the daily average number of times your pins were repinned on Pinterest in the given date range.
Repinners: the average number of unique people who repinned your pins on a daily basis.
Impressions: the average number of times your pins shown in search or boards on the web on a daily basis.
Reach: the average number of unique people who saw your pins on a daily basis.
Clicks: the average number of clicks to your website from Pinterest on a daily basis.
Visitors: the average number of unique people who visit your website on a daily basis.
+/- %: percentage of increase or decrease between the given date range.
You can also see the most recent pins pinned from your website with the help of most recent tab. The most repinned tab shows the pins which have been repinned the most in the last 1, 7 or 14 days. The most clicked tab shows the pins which are clicked the most. This tab helps to measure the traffic of your website.

Back Links Strategies for Getting High Google Page Rank

On regular basis Google updates their algorithm on page rank for all the websites, forums and blogspots. We need to know the strategies of back links to get back the page rank after Google algorithm update. The factors to get high Google page rank are permalinks, keywords, SEO and quality content. The main factor is back links strategies. Quality back links plays key role to get high Google page rank.

It is not an easy task to get the quality back link and we need to have a proper back link strategies and patience so that we can easily build the quality back links to your website. The important factors are given below. They are:

1. Think Quality, Not Quantity:

So many SEO employees think about quantity of link building to number of directories. This is the big mistake many employees do to get the quality back links. Google treat some directories as spam links. It will impact on your website Google page rank. Think about quality back links not quantity. If you do 10 back links for PR 4 websites is equal to 100 PR2 or less websites. Do the link building to get the quality back links from themed websites. If the website is education related website, try to get the back links from universities, education portals, college websites and etc.

2.Go For Same Niche:

This is the good technique to get the quality back links from same niche that means to get the back links from same themed or niche websites.

3. Know About Link Popularity:

Before going to give the reciprocal link to other website, check that site i.e., the site is unethical site or banned site. Don't exchange the links with those types of websites. It will be degrading our websites. It will affect our website link popularity and with this we lose the rankings in Google search engines. So be careful while going to link exchange strategy.

4. Avoid Automatic Back linking:

Now a days, we are getting the automatic back linking software’s in internet. With automatic back linking services we can get the back links in less span of time. But as per the SEO professional suggestion don't go for such services. Always direct manual involvement is good strategy like link building, forum discussions, commenting in good blogs, sending emails to themed websites to link exchange etc. 

Keep above points in your mind and be patient to build the quality back links. We will get the high Google page rank and the website will rank in Google search.

SEO Checklists For E commerce Sites

There are numerous SEO business associations out there, the majority of them are overlooking the updates that are happening on the web, setting the majority of their concentration on fundamental tactics of SEO that are not just as rewarding as they were years ago. Although online searching tool improvement doesn't truly vary from local to local, the way you approach it could be resolved by the sort of business you possess.  Assuming that you are running an E commerce destination, it is vital to go about web index improvement for your situation, and an exceptional route of doing that is to make a SEO checklist that has the accompanying twelve things.

The SEO Checklist -12 Factors to Remember

1. Make your Site Mobile
There are more cell phone clients who want to search the web in the palm of their hand than sitting at a computer, and you need to suit for that by establishing an application that makes a versatile form of your site, organizing it in particular for phone users.

2. Reduce Loading Times
There are few things out there more bothering than long loading times, especially in these days where we are accustomed to having everything done fast. To decrease loading times, make sure to remove unnecessary lines of code and any plugins that you don't truly require, use outer CSS files and decrease the amount of HTTP requests that you process.

3. Keep Social Media in the Picture
Acknowledging the later updates made by Google, it is vital to put yourself in social networks that include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Additionally, remember about Pinterest, an awesome site to actually show off your features.

4. Make your Good Content Shine
Home page is the spot where everyone visits your resource, and so it would make sense to put your best articles and above all successful products on it. Likewise, your homepage is the most important one regarding the matter of the analysis performed via web indexes, and will give you certain bonus points in terms of online searching tool rankings.

5. Determine there are a Lot of Reviews
Whenever a customer chooses whether or not to buy something, he or she will probably look towards customer reviews. Make sure that it is simple to leave surveys on your site, and if possible, site surveys individuals have given in on different resources with respect to the item you are offering.

6. Enhance your Tags
People don't look regarding the Meta and Description tags, but inserting a magic word once in them will give you a great help to your web index standing and also your resource's record.

7. Blogging and Guest Posting
More individuals are using blogs and visitor posts as techniques for advertising, and you can effortlessly do the same by enlisting a writer to give you specific content, which is all you need to open your website and visitor post on others.

8. Allow your Products to be compared
You can use this for any sort of website; however it works specifically well for various items. Giving the customers the capacity to compare distinctive items you sell will make them more likely to purchase, and it will help you to produce internal links and boost your online searching tool rankings.

9. Implementing CMS Usage
Utilizing content management system will make it much simpler for you to upgrade your items and your substance, and operating your whole business all in all. As of now, Magento is the most notorious content management system.

10. Utilizing Rich Snippets
Rich snippets are small bits of content, pictures or films that pop up on the web crawler outcomes page, separating you from the other effects and giving a great preview of what your site is about.

11. HTML and XML Sitemaps
Having both HTML and XML site maps is important to your resource inviting to the web crawler bots and spiders. In different words site maps allow search engines to index the updates faster.

12. Upgrade your Images
Finally, put Alt tags in your pictures to allow search engine bots to recognize what they are about. It shows search engines that every to spot of your resource is vital and that the picture is not just some filler content.

8 Tips to Make Your PDF Page SEO Friendly

PDF pages are not always required for a site but only in some cases they are necessary such as selling equipment, where there is a need of booklets with instructions for that product. Even though web marketers consider that PDF pages are not well-matched with SEO but Google indexes PDF pages easily. These pages are best ranked if the content in it has long tail keywords.
 PDF documents will not have HTML tag structure and confuse Google search engine by their requirement for heavy text documents and preferred keywords. But Google search engine can recognize links in PDF documents while HTML does not have much priority while ranking. That means PDF documents help us in ranking Google only if there is less competition for targeted keywords and in case of narrow search queries. Use of PDF documents will only help us with long-tail keywords, but use of short tail keywords will help us to with-stand our competitors.
Therefore we can understand that PDF is not so good for SEO optimization, but at times it is useful as they are scanned in a better way by search engines and also its format helps in solving problems. Files in PDF format will be valuable for a range of directories. The main benefit of this type of documents is that they can be opened on any device or system without any changes in content.  But if PDF files are optimized well with SEO then they can rank better in search engines. If content is used in PDF files for the site then following information will help in ranking better.
Usage of PDF text files:

It has to be noted that PDF files must contain only text and should not include images in it, even text should not be in image format. It will be easy for search engines to recognize text rather than images. If we want to convert document to text then we need to convert it into text using tools as we want to optimize it.

Specify Title:

As search engines focus on ‘title’ tag, so it is important to add them in properties and also we can include keywords in it.

Prescribe SEO Friendly Document Name:

As name of the file we save with it becomes part of the URL so we need to take care that file name should contain keywords in it.

Don’t Forget Standard SEO Methods:

We should not forget standard SEO methods such as placing internal links to PDF pages and from PDF pages to internal links, placing targeted keywords, maintain unique high quality content and image optimization.

Reduction of File Size:

Large PDF file size need to be reduced to load faster otherwise it will leave a negative result on users.

Duplicate Content has to be Avoided:

When we use HTML and PDF version of the same content it may be useful for short period of time, only if you take steps to avoid problems with duplicate content. While we re-download PDF, changing URL and file name we may receive a duplicate.

Don’t Save File to Read in Latest Acrobat Version:

As new version of acrobat reader will not be used by all users so it is better to save file in older Acrobat versions.

 Write Protection:

It is important to make file write protection or else there are chances that anyone can edit and upload the file to site.

Even though webmasters recommend using only HTML, PDF pages are liked by users as they feel easy working with these documents. But to add interactive and social functions HTML is the better option. So in following cases using PDF files can be a better option:

When there are ‘n’ numbers of PDF pages which make sensible to users.
When it is difficult to convert a PDF page into equivalent HTML page.
When there is downloadable content on site.
Whenever cost-benefit ratio does not seem to be reasonable. That is in case of converting PDF pages to HTML pages if they are few in number or to spend money in conversion.