Saturday, March 1, 2014

7 Facts you should know about Google’s Disavow Tool

The major search engine 'Google', launched a new feature in GWT to help webmasters who need help to fight against low quality inbound links for better ranking. Disavow tool, which is a part of Google webmaster tool is used to remove bad links that are adversely affecting website ranking in search results.

Disavow tools seems to be a big mystery for many of them and several illusions have been surrounded while using the tool. Here we offer you seven facts about Google disavow tool which are not known. This includes,

Disavow links are still visible in Webmaster tool

In forum discussions, webmasters ask several queries about Disavow links. They want to know whether low quality links have been removed or not after placing them in the disavow tool. They post few comments about tool in the forums to find out answers from experts. Usually, they mention the following statement in the comment,

“We still find the low quality links in webmaster tools backlinks account after disavowing thousands of bad links"

When Google recrawl your disavowed links, it adds an unnoticeable no follow tag to the link. But there is no external evidence about this fact in Google's official blog. John Mueller stated that, you still find low quality inbound links in GWT even though they are disavowed.

There is a Size Limit to the Disavow File

The disavow file has the capacity of 2 megabytes. You cannot exceed the limit of disavow file size. Two megabytes of text is equal to thousand pages of full text.

Webspam Team Doesn't look at Comments in Your Disavow File

When it comes to documentation of Disavow tool, you might feel little bit confused when you see comments. Aforementioned comment seems to be tricky because you have to mention comment for every link while submitting disavows links.

One more fact is that, the comment which you have mentioned in the file is useful only for you because disavow file is processed automatically. So, no one in the webspam team use your comments while disavowing your low quality links. It is more useful for you to navigate the disavow links in future.

No Need to Include Nofollowed Links in the Disavow File

Nofollow link doesn't pass page rank as well as link juice and won't affect ranking in search results. As per Google disavow tool policies, it is not necessary to include a nofollow tag for a disavow link while submitting a file. Google considers the link as nofollow link when it crawl the link for the next time after link has been disavowed.

You can revoke disavowed links

If you have placed a link in disavow file without checking the link properly and you want to remove that particular link from the file, and then don't worry about it. Disavow tool offers you a chance to remove the link from the file and you can upload it once again. When Google crawl the particular link for the next time, it checks the disavow file for verification and passes the page rank for a link.

If Google consider the particular link which you have revoked from the disavow link as unnatural link, it could harm your website. Make sure while disavowing and revoking your links because if your website get penalized for a next time, Google warns you to work even harder to come out of your penalty.

Disavow May Not Work Through a 301 Redirect

It is better to disavow links from the original source. Consider one example, if you're redirecting pages from source A to source B and source A had low quality links then you need to add those low quality links to disavow file of source B.

Disavow Data Isn't Used Against the Site Being Disavowed

Most of the website owners have a strong belief that, Google is crowdsourcing information obtained from the disavow tool. It is using this data as a mass spam reporting tool. But Mueller stated that, Google is not making an use of disavow data to penalize other sites. Instead it is gathering information to improve its algorithms for future updates.

Google guides website owners that disavow tool is an advanced tool and should be used properly otherwise it would affect your website. Hopefully the above mentioned facts help you to know much better about disavow tool.