Friday, May 7, 2010

Google Search Results New Look, Change in the Google Search Results

Google has changed the Look and Feel of the search Engine page with more sophisticated features. Google has been experimenting since last few months by inserting a “Show Search Tools” option in the left navigation of the home page. With the positive feedback and after several experiments, today Google has increased the power of search which showcases the latest search results and terminology by including the left-hand navigation in the search results page.

This new tools increases the relevance of the search query with extra search tools. In the past, Google introduced Universal Search, the Search Options panel and Google Squared. In Universal search, the relevance of the query will be more. It has included “Everything” options in the left pane which helps you to search different a type of query’s which allows to you switch to specific type of result you are looking.

The Search options panel increased the richness of search results. The new left-hand navigation has various search tools like images, discussions, books, updates in which you can use the relevant tools of your search query. 

Google Squared is used to compare the entities and ideas. “Something Different” is a feature which was built on Google Squared feature. This is not only used to find the search results but also to find the other entities, namely images, books and videos etc , which are specific to the user query.

Along with this, Google also changed its Logo features. Google removed the shade of the logo image which was present in the lower side of the Logo.

Finally, Google with its new features has increased the richness of the search and to the point what we are looking for.  New left-hand navigation bar would be a search feast for the visitors, bloggers, and webmasters.  Compare the previous and the present search results bar in the below figure.

Advantages of New Google Search

  • Left Navigation menu bar increases the richness of the search.
  • Left navigation not only increases the relevance of the query but also displays related topics
  • Left navigation will suggest the tools that are most relevant and helpful to your query.