Monday, December 23, 2013

Aim to Build SEO Focused Pages To Serve Users & Topics

Latest updates of Google algorithms such as Humming bird mean that Google aims at serving people with better & better results of what is relevant to their search. It specifically means that there is no need to concentrate on specific keywords to rank them.
Now we will find out the ways to focus on more specific types of people and the topics they show interest to search. This process can help us in driving effective traffic rather than ranking for particular keywords. 

Classic Model Vs Modern Model to Build SEO Focused Pages:

As we know that previously before Google algorithms it was keywords that drive more traffic and so there was high concentration on Keywords. But this doesn’t account for traffic from other types, channels and sources with focus only on SEO. The major problem with SEO for keywords is that social, content marketing and email marketing opportunities will be ignored. Even then if we continue with this process then we need to do keyword research, than sort out popular phrases, words and check one with high, low competition that drive heavy traffic.

After all this keyword research work then we have to create landing pages for all the terms. Then next step is to proceed with optimizing content so that it performs well in search engines. Now we start measuring both ranking for the particular keyword as well as traffic to the pages also whether it is quality traffic or not. Then we decide to do optimization for particular keyword based on two points that are:
•    When keyword ranking is low but traffic is high
•    When keyword ranking is high but traffic is low
Based on above two points from SEO point of view every one need more traffic to their sites so we concentrate more on first point. That is even though keyword ranking is low but if it is driving heavy traffic to our site then we work more on them. But now pages are created for keywords with low traffic also which is an unnecessary work. For example if “Yellow Rose Flowers”, “Pink Rose Flowers”, “White Rose Flowers” instead we create a Rose Flowers Page and list out all these colors in it to choose from.
If we follow this process, the problem of getting links then optimizing those pages is that we are having only a page to rank for one particular search phrase. Instead if group of keywords are listed in single page then it will be served well with one landing page and same content for all. As we are doing this we are not putting the same efforts, energy and quality in improving the page.  Because this is an improvement to make content better we are going on producing landing pages in high numbers. Then we are trying to measure success based on traffic for particular keyword but which is no more possible as Google has taken out keyword referral data and giving us “not provided” data.

This is the reason why we are able to see quite big shift in this new type of model where SEO has to focus on broad performance of search traffic in a website, and also about broad performance of the pages receiving traffic from search visits. So, now it means that we look at a given set of pages, we can look at a section of the site, and then look at content areas where we are investing. Then we can say that “we are getting good traffic from these keywords” instead of saying “we are getting traffic from different sources now we need to invest more in SEO for more traffic”.

Even now we are still going on with keyword research using that same process and trying to figure out how many people are searching for a particular search term? Are they quality visitors also the competition is low enough where our website can be able to compete. Then we can decide groups and phrase and serve better content for these groups. But some of the keywords may need individual pages even then this group of keywords can be served by single page. Then these individual keywords will have their own targeted pages. 

Now we are going to optimize two things which are different from previous that are keyword targeting to earn links also an opportunity for amplification. Here amplification means it can come from email marketing or from social media or from word-of-mouth. But, irrelevant of all these it is the new excellent way to earn that signals which seem to correlate with things that are ranking well. Even now links are important of them, but here there is no need to go with same ways of directing anchor text that we used to require. But now we are able to gain broad links to our site which can now help in improving domain authority, which indirectly helps content to rank well.

By this we can say that SEO has certainly become tougher but there is small amount of disassociation away from just the keyword and the ranking. This process yields good results and is very powerful.