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What is Author Rank and Why Does It Matter

If you regularly update and interact through Google+ then surely you might have heard about Author Rank. Author Rank is expected to be higher in terms of ranking, where spam content is blowed by Google.

Background on Author Rank

Once patent was filed by Google on Agent Rank, Google described how the parameters were to be used in determining the position of agent in specific Place. Popularity of agent is described on a specific subject. Recently Google has started updating their results by algorithms which consider different factors including links to high quality web pages. Google does not have quality data for social interactions in ranking. In 2011, Google has launched a platform called Active Rank now called as Author Rank.

Metrics Impacting Author Rank

The fact about Author Rank is distinguishing people and their knowledge about certain subjects and see how others react to the content they have published. Google has access information, where there are number of metrics to impact Author Rank. This incorporates with authors, comments, Google+ circles on various social platforms. Incorporate specific signals through resources, citations and page rank of specific articles.

Most of them have not heard about these metrics, which brings difference of metrics on author rank to a specific content. Many of them don’t know when the author rank will officially roll out but if it does the impact will be big. It doesn't affect the site traffic like panda but the result will be more. This will not be a penalty, but building the websites for rank will benefit. The penalty will be for the brands and sites for not preparing it. Google convinced with author rank can be trusted. Working on Author Rank will see good results.

How to Start Building Author Rank

Begin the set up by Google authorship having rich snippet for search results. After the set up has been done, Google will assign the author rank by the content you have created. So check the quality content across the web using rich snippet. Rich snippets can be tested by the tools, otherwise the content cannot be factored by the Author Rank.

Start or Continue Writing Great Content

Working on Author Rank is not something wrong. Creating content shows the interest and improves your reputation on a specific field. Help others in optimizing by sharing knowledge. Create the content and share it to the users which will become the important resource to them.

Focus on a Particular Topic

Author Rank is the way to rank different topics compared to Page Rank. Write the content on specific topic which you are perfect about. Don't write on many topics, so that Author Rank will not be strong compared to one.

Constant Use of Google Plus

Google makes most of your circles with Author Rank. Make people to follow you, so that most of the Google+ by updating twice will be checking on +1 to find the stories that interest you. Follow the great authors, apart from that put the content as possible as before them.

5 Ways to Improve Your Ranking Signals Today

The subject of SEO these days generally brings about a deer stag in with reflector intelligence. With change adaptive search algorithms and Google working round the clock to discrete the wheat from the straw- even experienced web marketers behave towards SEO with care is acceptable. So, here are some amusing ways you can consider to make your organic search rank from Google, others, and us.

1. Social Media: Eat Plus+ Flavored Ice Cream

As we know that Google's social ranking signals are only arise from Google+ work - and they are easily index this content! Whether it be for renown administration or for increase the social buzz edge your brand, getting started on Google+ is a must for SEO. If you're already working on Google+, awesome! Instead of passing a traditional Poll in your comment, posses the question in such a way that include direction to "+1 your choice in the reaction below", and add comments beneath for each of the reply alternatives. You can with ease collect the data later but look at the +1's and in Google's eyes you've got truthful content set off with interest.

Matt Cutts promoted at SMX pat month had certain amusing things to state about social signals and the make obsolete of backlinks - contrary to what many link builders would assume, as stated by Matt the amount of no-follow links on the net are still in single figure allotment. He goes further to address the when will social be more significant than links issuance by give a reason for it and where the impetus is aimed but we aren't there yet.

By Matt we can see that Google +1's and Facebook affect PageRank - while Duane admit that when you are enter social does impact search. The outline, social might not be a huge element of ranking right now - but it will continue to gain effect and the mediate effect on other significant influence like referral visits, bounce rate, and pages view's are all Improve by getting social.

2. URL Structure: Get Technical

If you utilize anything else to describe your sub-folders & files you are weaken importance or allowing the search engine some entirely not deliberate signal Analyze some URLs that you're not excited with performance-wise and trial - optimizing a page at a from some time, can be the prime way to not get affected Generate a 301 redirect from the old URL, modernize your sitemap with webmaster tools your job done. By removing  these kind of special characters in the urls you'll be increasing your keyword relativity which is evidently intensely important when come to search.

3. Mobile: Get Responsive

Responsive web design is quickly becoming the phrase of the year - but really as far as Google is solicitous they're indeed examine visually to see if you're building css media inquiry to direct the Design of your site to the particular device on which it's entity served OR you're turn a different direction on the server-level to definite websites for mobile and big apparatus/ tablet users.

This is easy to test, beneath are a mobile and non-mobile search for search optimization - note nothing alteration until result #9 - where #1-#8 are either divert to a mobile-specific website or have media inquiry for usage their layout gratefully

Building susceptible for mobile is significant for a number of experience reasons over mobile search optimization but the mobile search execution is missing and you're months away a receptive design by adding css media queries to your stylesheet and it mau decrease mobile search rank. If you're businesses serving end consumers don't omit about non-smart phone with internet users they called as Feature Phones by google. They don't operate media queries so the supported handling is Divide into one to a individual URL mobile site.

4. Keyword Engineering: Forget About It

Forget about keywords honesty for just one second. Think about how exactly name the page whether it be an article, product, service landing page. Having a strong foundation most important to your brand and company. Instead of outright trying to machinist content to fit an recognize 'optimal keyword' make sure it related to the content is about. In this way, you will improve time on site, decrease bounce rate, and conceivably increase backlinks because visitors get actually need.

Keyword recognition surely has its place in on-going content procreation tactics, market trending, and possibility identification - but pull the order of keywords in your homepage get you #1 search results. Getting exposition in level industries by alluring in a social discussion, establishing a relationship with a vertical non-profit to develop guest blogging promotion is much better effete to gain on keyword opportunities than re-engineering your content.

5. Multimedia Search: Image Meta Information

It is not a traditional search signal tip but Google's recently changes in image search network. They're overtly publicize a cluster more data around the images with side the images. Some of this data actually contain the title of the webpage that the image is being provided from, so correctly naming files and labeling images with title and alt-text  becoming increasingly important to the webpage.

Inspection your website's image files and make sure there aren't missing any meta attributes. If there are chance to relate categories, listing pages, and other above the leaf pages with click attracting images remove them immediately.

Which one would you click on if you were shopping by image?

These surely aren't the only terms you need to consider search optimize your website without disquieting your current achievement. Acquire several other great upgrades that won't menace or corrode current search positions? 

10 Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Facebook is the top most social networking site in the world. This article gives you the evergreen tips and tricks for Facebook users. 
Now a day’s millions of people are using Facebook account normally called FB. But maximum people don’t know how to use the FB cool applications. FB cool applications are mentioned below for your reference:

1. Appear Online Only to Selected Friends:

Facebook online chat is the famous application in FB. We can select friends in chat option and appear online only to a few selected friends, remaining friends will see you in offline. You can select the regular chat friends from your friends list.

2. Integrate Facebook Toolbar into Your Browser

This is coolest application of FB. Just install the FB toolbar and check your status, updates, and notifications from your friends without logging in to your FB account. This FB toolbar works for Mozilla Firefox browser only. 

3. Easy Steps on How to Create an Facebook Photo Collage:

If you have photo buffs then you can use this application of photo collage. It is a desktop application. To install this application go to this link->

4. Upload Photos and Videos Using Your Mobile Phone

We can upload the photos and videos from your mobile phones. Uploading photos and videos is simple and easy. Go to this link

5. Cool Magic Circles on Facebook: 

This is also one of the cool applications of FB. Cool magic circles will appear on your FB page. Here’s how: Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down. After entering this keyword, refresh your FB page with the help of F5 key on your keyboard.

6. Facebook tip to auto poke your friends:

Poke function is a time taking process. Send the poke request to your friend, and then your friend also pokes back your request. If you want to poke your friends, you need to install the Mozilla browser add-ons; this will be available in 

7. Quickly Upload Photos from Picasa Application to Facebook:

We can upload bulk photos from Picasa application that include party photos, reunions and more. Install the Picasa application in your FB account with the help of 

8. Use Facebook search like a pro:

If your friend is not in your FB friends list, you can search in the FB search box and select the friend account and click on send request. You can find your friends all over the world.

9. Access Facebook Through Microsoft Outlook:

Now days, so many companies are blocking the FB domain in their companies to increase the working hours. To overcome this problem, we can access the FB account through the Microsoft outlook mail client. Just download and install the plug-in from 

10. Facebook flip status updates:

It is a very funny application in Facebook account. Your friends must be seeing your text rotating their heads up and down to read the text you type. With the help of Facebook flip type the text in and copy and paste in your FB page.


Three Main Factors for Creating a Potent Integrated Marketing Campaign

Planning of two main things will help us in developing a successful marketing campaign and those are:

1. Marketing Plan and
2. Content Plan

Once we examine these two higher level items then we will know how Social Media, SEO, Analytics, Blogging and Content development can work together and will have effect to support in online marketing success. So, planning will give success in enhancing a strategy successfully. But if we fail to plan then we will not be able to execute a strategy successfully.

Organizing Online Marketing:

Online Marketing is larger than Social Media and has to be planned effectively on how channels can work together productively to pass the message efficiently. Following are the four ways to organize the message you want to pass:

  • Narrative: To communicate our product or services we need to create a story about our product or brand in such a way that it will be attracted by the consumers.
  • Development: Next after we plan a story then we need to develop a right message in such a way that it reaches right people in the way they desire to grasp the content.
  • Interaction: Interaction should be through various mediums like Social Media, Blogging and email with uniqueness in messaging in all the platforms.
  • Planning: We need to develop content calendars and look at new trends and always focus more on marketing activity. It is to be done so that whenever the topic or idea is in mind we can deliver the content at right time without delay.

  • Blogging Benefits:

    Blogs are the perfect medium for marketing because content on this will be updated at a faster rate rather than websites. Blogging has benefits from SEO perspective as well as we can have control over data and message. It can also be used for promoting calls to action and email list which is one of the greatest benefits from the blogs.
    Following are some other benefits from using blogs:

    SEO efforts can be increased

    Long-tail content can be built

    Community and Market Education

    Communicate High Trust Content

    Build Lists, Conversions and Reach

    Build Brand Value and Equity

    Email Benefits:

    Email Marketing is another great way of marketing where in we can segment customers who are interested in our business. We can get email lists of customers by capturing their emails in our blog. Mobile is the great source of emails as most of them check their mails daily thorough cell phones.

    Social Media Tips:

    Social Media is another great source of advertising which ads more benefits to our marketing efforts. All Social Media sites have their own way of usage but their result is one that is to promote our businesses.

    Tips for Planning Phase:

    The higher we plan our marketing efforts, higher will be our success. Following are four steps in planning phase for marketing tips:
    Doing SEO to the site that is there is needed to rely on SEO’s.
    There is a need to create content for long-term as well as daily.
    The next step is to create a publishing content.
    It is the best thing to always measure our efforts and work more on what we need to do.
    If planning our marketing strategy and content strategy has more efforts then we can be highly successful.

    Proper Anchor Text Distribution For Better Rankings

    A Few days back Google has released the Penguin update, so now we can check the keywords, linking and ranking for the sites.

    Google doesn't want people gaming their algorithm, so it has been using the computer algorithm where the search results will be accurate than the person sitting near the system and ranking the results for website. Due to this fact you can always improve the search rankings for your site in same manner the Google is looking for.

    Link building for good rankings is not dead. Links are still the primary way to rank well in search engines. The difference is in which the links should be distributed in natural manner than keyword based manner. Top sites came up with the formula, where they had been broken at anchor text.

    They found that about 65% of links were exact, phrase and brand matching regards to anchor text. Breakdown between these were 18% exact, 17% phrase and 30% brand. The other links were divided between URL anchor text and unrelated anchor text. This is the good formula for own way to do link building.

    For Every 100 links done, you can follow the below match:

    18 links with anchor text with red widget - exact match

    17 links with anchor text containing red widget - Phrase match

    30 links with anchor text - brand

    18 links with anchor text of your site name - URL

    17 links with random anchor text - long tail phrases or simple phrases

    The data with these ratios is the target, whether you build links naturally or by outsourcing. If you keep following this ratio you will see the increase in rankings. Building the links with higher PR for the exact match phrase will help more. When you combine these both with anchor text you will see better results for search rankings.

    Finding high PR sites is not easy, so instead of that you can work with companies and website owners to place your link. With this you can have low cost and high quality links which are not distributed.


       Google launched Places in the year 2010. In 2012 Google integrated Places with Google+ by creating Google+ Local. Google is rolling out an update to upgrade Google Places to Google+ Local. Local businesses can maintain their business related information which will be shown in search results with the help of Google Places Dashboard. The new dashboard offers some new functionality. Local business owners manage their business data by combining Google+ and Google Places.

    How it Works:

      Google+ local search results will be shown in the new local tab on Google. The extra features added in the upgraded Google+ Local pages are followers and hangouts. The information can be updated by the business owners through Google Places for business.
      The below screenshot is the Google+ local page which has been transferred from Google Places that is not upgraded.

    The below screenshot shows the upgraded Google+ local page which includes additional features like posts, followers, videos, hangouts and more.

    What's New in the Google Places Dashboard:

    1. New Design:
    The Google Places design is consistent across many other Google Products like Google+, having navigation options at the left side. In this new look, you can see separate tabs for listing information, Google+ Local page, Adwords Express and Offers. The basic stats and Analytics tab that the current dashboard offers may be moved into one of the tabs or removed from the dashboard.

    The below screenshot is the new look of Google Places for local business which has four different tabs in the left column highlighted in red colour.

    2. Integration with Google Products:

    In the above screenshot, you can see a tab on the left to manage your Google+ Local page. Local business owners can have access to some of the social features of Google+ like sharing photos, posts or videos using this dashboard. The business owners who don’t have Google+ account cannot be able to find the navigation tab in their dashboard. You can also manage your Adwords account from Google+.
    The existing dashboard has no integration with Google+ local pages. You can update your business information in the dashboard but you don't have access to post it to Google+.

    3. Faster Updates:

    Google is promising to update the data faster. Most of the edits which have been made is shown on Google Maps and other services within 48 hours. To ensure the quality of local experience to be high, moderate changes have been made. Faster updates have to be made from edit to live action.

    5 Steps to Successful Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is the leading one in social media. It is a better way to reach the targeted audience in social environment. Facebook advertising is ideal for all businesses to reach the customers based on many factors like age groups and interests. It is an easy and great way to promote our brands ads with our friends.

    The five successful steps to promote Facebook advertising are given below:

    1. Have a Goal in Mind:

    This is the first and important step; this is about what we are thinking to do. Are we looking to increase the likes for our page or we are looking to promote a post/brand or are we looking for sales, what we are looking for?
    Making a clear idea about what we are looking for is important.

    2. Research targeted audience: 

    After the first step, we have to research about the targeted audience ahead of time. We have to define the audience by the following ways.




    Broad Categories Vs Precise interests

    Connections and Friends of connections

    After getting the clear idea about the audience, it's time to determine the bid prices. This will affect our budget.

    The number of targeted parameters we are adding will affect the bid amount which means if the number of parameters increases then the estimated bid amount also increases.

    3. Select the pricing model and timeframe for the campaign:

    Now we have to choose the correct pricing model that suits to our business. If we want a simple awareness and visibility, then we can go for CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). If we are looking for clicks and traffic then we can go for CPC (Cost Per Click). CPC pricing model is the great feature, but for this we need to bid competitively according to the suggested bid. The suggested bid range can be present in the ad setup screen page below the max CPC field. If we do not follow that range then there may be a chance that our ad will not be served often. This may lead to underspend.

    4. Create Easily identifiable ad groups:

    Creating and naming the ad groups is also important. If we have multiple campaigns, label them based on the audience and the goals that they are focused on. This is useful for less confusion when we look at the main dashboard. It is also useful for the ads in that ad groups.
    Label the ads even by taking the time, this may help us.

    5. Optimize:

    "Set it and forget it" is not applicable for Facebook i.e. it needs regular updating. By doing the changes regularly for our ads may lead to better performance. We need to test the items for a period of time. Changes in the ads may include changing the text and also the images. We can write the ads by giving some discount or by giving free shipping or something else.

    Also we never forget that things need time to ram up, so making many changes daily is also not good. Sometimes we have to leave the ad for some time to check whether it is optimizing or not.

    So follow the above simple tips for a good start of Facebook advertising.