Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basic SEO Web Services

Basic SEO Web ServicesBasic SEO Web Services

Here is a list of the basic web services for webmasters. I have listed the must-see tools and services and excluded everything else.

Search Engine Services:

Google Webmaster Central: In this is Google webmaster central, you have all tools to manage your site's ranking in Google. Google Webmaster Tools helps you monitor your website and content problems.

Yahoo Site Explorer: Tn this yahoo site explorer, you track all index and link statistics of your site. Check the number of pages indexed from your site using the "site:URL" operator and link stats using the "link:URL" operator in Yahoo search to open site explorer.

Live Webmaster Tools: First of all sign up in MSN Live search to track the ranking. Also, check out the Live Webmaster forum where you need to register any complaints regarding the rankings of your blog.

Web Analytics Tools:

In order to observe the webtraffic to your blog or website, check out these free analytics services and implement one of them in your blog or website.

1. Google Analytics: This is the most popular traffic analysis program out there.

2. Sitemeter: A very popular free traffic stats application.

3. Statcounter: A highly comprehensive free traffic stats service.

Search Engine Blogs:

1. Google Webmaster Blog: This is the place where Google publishes any news and tips for webmasters.

2. Yahoo Search Blog: Yahoo's counterpart.

3. Live Webmaster Blog

Other Tools:

1. Get the structure and design of your sitemaps right. Here is more information on sitemap submission.

2. W3C Validator: Check if your website's code is compatible with the W3C norms here.

3. The Open Directory: DMOZ (The Open Directory Project or ODP) is the most important and extensive web directory. Getting listed can be vital for your business.

4. SEO Analysis Tool: Here is the SEO analysis tool provided by SEOCentro. It gives you the details as to your site's Meta tags, size, load time, and more.