Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Copying Content from Competitors Snippets is not Good Practice

Most of the sites will make it has a habit to copy snippets from competitors sites and will add it to the pages in their site by appending citations. But as per Matt Cutt it was said that stitching content that is the practice of copying content from rich snippets on other sites and then it will be added in their site by including citations which is not good practice in terms of SEO.

If the content is taken from their site and copied into our site and dreaming that we will rank well in search engines will just remain as dream. Because it was considered that these practice as spam in Yahoo search engine and Google will not rank well. Taking quotes and adding will never add value to our site instead there are chances of reduction in rankings in search engines.

Content stitching will be just like the content from Wikipedia. In Wikipedia they take content from different sources, researches and then placed on their site. Content will be very rarely unique in this site as they summarize information collected from different resources and place the links of references.

But if content is taken from many third-party sites is not unique then it affects search rankings not only in Google but all of the search engines. So it has to be followed very strictly not to copy content from other sites and place instead we need to generate our own content.