Monday, February 2, 2015

Microsoft and Google Optimize Santa Tracker Websites for Mobile

Santa Tracker Websites for Mobiles

Microsoft and Google going to advance with Santa tracker for mobile sites. As of late Microsoft worked with Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to make Santa Tracker for portable sites. Build its tracker alongside web adventurer as reevaluate campaign. This tracker will permit the guests to pursue Santa Claus courses around the globe on Christmas Day.

When comes to Bing search engine, Bing maps optimize with interactive 3-D globe. This was optimized for touch, movies, music and Santa around the world. It is also a feature games.

From most recent 60 years, surprisingly Santa tracker is advanced for mobile. Santa Clause tracker will work in windows phone clients to track St. Scratch's whereabouts with Cortana. The following data is accessible at NORAD.

Google developed their own Santa tracker for their users. This tracker will available to user until December 24th. In Google Santa tracker games, Google doodles, some learning activities are available. This tracker is just like Microsoft site and features an interactive world map. With this user will get the help on different traditions from all around the world.

The conventions are similar to Kyrgyz custom of lighting firecrackers at midnight on New Year's Eve, when Grandfather Frost leaves kids displays or Christmas season that is standard in the Philippines.

Even android users also use this tracker, just download Santa tracker and follow him on Google map.