Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is Google Negative Ranking Factor For Customer Comments

What Happen If There Is Bad Grammar in Comments As Per Google Ranking Factor

Everyone knows, content is king in terms of google crawlers. Part of Google crawlers it necessary to make sure that your content has good readability to the visitor, is to some extent grammatically correct, and provides to visitors what they are searching for in google.

But users will be providing their valuable comments on our services without grammatically correct sentence as customer testimonials. We know how much it is valuable to get good reviews from our customers or users especially for e-commerce websites. If those comments are not good in formation of sentence, what will happen as per google ranking factor? Is there any negative impact by google algorithm?

Customer comments or reviews are not necessarily grammatically correct or it don’t have a high readability score by google algorithm. But can this hurt your website rankings? Google spam head Matt Cutts revealed some information on this issue.

Don't worry about the grammar mistakes or bad sentence formation in the comment. As long as good grammar on your website is fine, there are some people on internet and they write comments that do not always make sense.

But in terms of user point of view, it is bad remark to future users, if he read those spam comments, he may not use our services. So in terms of SEO, all spam comments should be removed from the website and make overall quality content and great user experience.

Google Fires First Shot In War On German Link Networks

Google has continuously make penalties on link networks around the world. Google has penalized German agency’s link network and also its clients after getting warned for so many times. The senior software engineer and also head of the Google web spam team “Matt-Cutts” has officially stated a word on twitter.

Nevertheless like the other statements, Cutts hasn’t said that which agency is get penalized. After that Cutts has finally stated that we had took an action against the German agency’s link network/clients. After this there are more to come in German links.

This has been stated before or warned that, by the end of January that Google had endeavor against French link network Buzzea. At that time Cutts had made an alert that German link agency’s is also on monitor, because of their link network penalty for being on second place.

Cutts came across with webmasters that point a Tweet to a post on the central blog of the German webmasters. The webmaster tools has also mentioned a warning message, which states that buying of links that passes the page rank to the other will lead to be penalized and if they receive a warning or a problem in a webmaster tools console then what they are going to do.

There’s a thought that the agency’s which has penalized. Up to now there is no agency has made a comment or anything about the penalties.