Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Google, No Special Indexing For Facebook or Twitter Because They Can Block Us But...

As the discussion done by “matt cutts” of google senior engineer, that they had released a video about why they are not indexing the “Facebook or Twitter”. Is that not a good data???
Yea, According to that matt cutts said that when we are going to crawl or indexing the pages of “Facebook or Twitter”, we are eventually getting blocked on them. The reason is when our crawlers crawls the social networks that it has the huge data that eventually changes very fast.
For example when a user had a picture and it has 100 likes when we are crawling but after the next sec it may get into more likes so that’s why he said that they are currently don’t try to keep up the social data, such as likes, comments and tweets.
After all we are not getting into this now, because they won’t waste all the time for the figuring and capturing of data and they also don’t know that the information may get blocked in the future while they are using.
But cutts said they are going to implement a special plan in the next 10years to solve this, which they are actually working on it, how to resolve these type of problems and get back soon.

Facebook Will Launch Graph Search For Mobile

Now Facebook is going to launch a “Graph Search for Mobiles” to find the Mobile phones very quickly. According to Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, has said that during the last earnings call of Facebook will found the mobile devices very quickly. Finally he announced that Graph Search was launched and now it’s been a year now mobile search integration is going to make sense.
He stated that Graph Search was a new way to search people, places, photos and interests on the social networks. The CEO of the largest social network in the world had commenced a meeting with the analysts and made a decision “better-late-than-never” that we have to roll out the mobile version in to the market soon.
Because, we are crossing of 1.23Billion active users monthly, I think now we have to take an important step, because most of the usage of Facebook is used on mobiles only. So we have to expect that the integration comes from Graph Search. He announced last year of January that Graph Search is an unconventional way to search query the network. It is a search engine that gets out the data that has been buried in the year of content.
After a year the Graph Search stood as the third pillar as a good product of Facebook as news feed and Timeline is available in English. The lack of the mobile version of Facebook mantra has stated that most of the users (73 %) are visiting there site through using their smart phones and also to being a mobile first company.
Before releasing mobile version Zuckerberg stated that the effort of the indexing capability should be more than 1 trillion connections and 1 trillion statuses updates. He was thinking that Graph Search was a multiyear effort. As far as discussion done that majority of the people have said that 1 trillion pieces is more than indexing of any other search engine.
As he also said that up to now the Graph Search is only on English and now we have to internationalize it. Here, now Facebook thinks that they can index content better than Google. And now it’s time to dust out the old data that had been buried yearly on the content. Now Facebook is going behind to take off the bread and butter of Google.