Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Survive SEO “Slog”

SEO can help a company to achieve great results only by best practices in seo, but this will be taking long time period with diminishing returns which is mostly known as “SEO Slog”. Situations will become worst if we will be imagining frequently a constant enhancement.
Let us now know about the difference between the above expectations and what is in reality also the four ways that help us in minimizing is called as “delta of dissatisfaction”. SEO slog is a toughest situation which most of the SEO’s go through. These are the areas where most of them put their efforts improving rankings in search engines, improving content in the site, improvising keyword targeting, gaining links, mentions along with social signals, user data along with usage data and all the other things that help to perform better in search engines. Even then the results will not be successful.
This problem arises because most often search engines especially Google make changes to its algorithms and it will trigger ranking systems. So it will be checking whether is the effort worthful or not also are signals organic. Also can the site earn rankings continuously else should there be any consideration, evaluation and time lapse between when things actually started, improved or results gained.
First of the four ways is it will be an important task to create right expectations. It is highly essential for an SEO consultant or professional that if they attend a meeting with client or with marketing team or CEO regarding what you will be able to and cannot accomplish. But if you will create an expectation in them that SEO is this and it will not be a silver bullet. The sites or company you worked previously have gained success only through these best practices of SEO which helped in effective traffic, rankings also effective acquisition of customers.

Now the problem arises at this point of time because from past ten years, people started believing in the following two aspects of SEO. First and foremost is that it is a one-time activity which is dead also wrong as we know. Second thing is that as you have optimized for search engines, you can now be optimal which means that there is no need of any on-going efforts because search engines will be rewarding as when they see these changes.
Second way is that it will be too dangerous when everything is going well and good. It happens that when everything is well then they start to celebrate and will be creating new projections such as because we accomplished ‘X’. So now ‘Y’ is going to happen and it will be resulting in 2X, 3X, 4X and more in future.

Third way is that SEO will not be only inbound traffic channel for your site. Also it is not the only marketing effort which you are working on apart from that you will be doing SMO, content marketing, email-marketing, branding along with PR, outreaching also connecting with your industry, making speeches at events and paid forms of advertising. So now it states that you are not entirely depending upon SEO to get profits and returns.
Fourth and the last thing is that it is highly important to measure as well as report leading indicators. This will be helpful in extreme ways.

New Title Tag Guidelines

Google has brought a new tool for Title tags after SERP redesign was updated. SERP redesign has higher impact on SEO’s as well as it will have its effect on Title tags, data driven length limit along with its new tool.
Impact of Redesign on Titles:
Redesign of SERP has its impact on title tags and this results in increase of font size in title tag which results in limiting number of characters. Now in search results no more old rules apply for title tag. Let us consider following image:

In the above images first one is search result before updation of redesign while the second one is after the update. Here it is clearly displayed that the font size increased also the number characters are cut down that is around six characters are lost after the update.
It can also be stated that we can’t conclude whether we can limit the characters by considering a particular character limit. Let us now consider another image:

 In the above both title tags have 40 characters but they differ in widths, even though the font size and font used is Arial. So it can be said that it differs in spacing of font. Let us now look into it:
1.       Narrow Letters are Narrow
In the above example, if we consider alphabets lower case ‘l’ and ‘i’ take very little space while upper case ‘L’ will occupy more space. So in this font we can observe that three lower case ‘l’ will occupy little space consider to lower case ‘w’.
2.       All Caps Take up Space
Even capital letters occupy more space when compared to lower case letters. Also it looks odd if the title is completely in CAPS rather it should be used only when required such as website name or company name.
3.       Width Varies with the Query
As we know that Google will be highlighting keywords in title in bold, so even the bolded letters occupy more space. Incase if there are high number of keywords in title though it has limited characters due to Bold it occupies more space.
4.       Cut-off Titles have Less Characters
Now Google will cut-off the titles that are in CSS and appends “……” by the browser in-case of title being truncated by search engine. If we consider both cases of title where in one case it is slightly long and the other title is within limit, then the one with higher limit will be shorter than the other because when title is displayed space is required which is occupied by “……” .
A research was conducted by considering 10,000 queries where in due to different reasons only 28,410 were considered for testing. Following is the example of these Queries.

So it can be noted that before update the character limit was around 42 to 68 while after it is 57-58 characters limit. So by noting all the above examples it can be concluded that it would be better for a title to limit around 55 characters and in lower case letters.

Majestic SEO Site Explorer Now Integrates With Twitter

The new  updates of Majestic  SEO is to integrates their Majestic Site Explorer and Twitter. When a webmaster include a link in majestic link profile as a result it automatically add your profile link directly in the tweet.
This new feature useful to user to tweet a snapshot of any site’s linking profile; if possible include your link profile chart.
Majestic SEO Link Profile Twitter Card
"Now any Twitter user want to demonstrate the influence (or lack of influence) of any page or domain, can do without anyone help to post in Twitter," said Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO's marketing director.
The ability to embed this info in a tweet means, website owners don’t need to do research when they mention a site linking strategy. The tweet may include Trust Flow, Link Profile, backlinks and referring domains.
The message sent to Twitter API, this action is completed through rich snippet style semantic markup. Now this feature is live and therefore you can embedded in a tweet by linking to any majestic profile page
By this feature the results in the search engines unclear the ability to see how links influence the search engines.
  • Transparent Search
  • Advertisement Free
  • Search API
  • No Personalization
  • Better Granulation

Google Improves GDN Targeting With Bizo Audience Segments

As site owners continue to require their digital marketing for high results in search engine,its an ability to display the adverting directly for your target marketers. Each day more number of impressions are shown in webmaster, got ignored by non-relevant web surfers. The ad verification tool help webmasters to decrease the wasted impressions, but advertisers waste the time on users who are not advertisers attentive in their products.


While targeting the content based orlook a likemodeling your ads may visible to the customer but some impressions may be wasted. By adding the third party data may increase the quality of the adwhichis presented to customers. By using right messages you can reach the targeted audience successfully.
Until now Google ability to display the target customers based on content. While advertisers could not control specific sites, placement or display positions and direct to customer who have better targeting capabilities. Even smo sites such as Facebook, twitter have email level targeting the deliver impressions to targeted audiences.

To tackle this, Google partnership with Bizo which capability millions of business professionals is the new targeting capability. Their B2B database can be getting maximum advantage across email, display and social media. By displaying the audience targeting layered on top of GDN buy, you can guarantee your ads displayed to the right audience. There are various types of audience segments such as beauty, fashion, parenting, technology, music and more.

In GoogleAdWords,advertisers can use Bizo segments to their campaigns. The Performance date of the Bizo campaigns in the Adwords, which can help you for optimization and performance reporting.
Through Google AdWords we can target audience by both display and video options.We can use GDN for advertising for CPMs and CPCs and more inflated compared to traditional targeting options. But by using of Bizo and other third party data providers your advertising cost may increase.

Google Takes Action Against Greek Link Networks

As we all know that Google has started a fight internationally against the link networks. As for the Google’s Matt Cutts, he was a senior engineer in Google, his words in twitter points that the new target to penalize the country from the search engine is Greece. They had found that they are leading in the link network penalties in the world wide.
There is a question raised in the link networks were reportedly the clients networks can be run by the SEO agencies.
Google has stated that it wasn’t clear that which SEO agency is taken for the responsibility to the penalizing of the link networks.
There is a change in the Greek search results that which can be noticed easily and enough that it has acquired some Cutts praise.
  • @realpoisom ah, you noticed the action in Greece?
This is the recent link network that has been simply targeted by Google and they came across to verify the international link spam and making a point of penalizing this year. Even before that Google has stated many announcements intensively on advising webmasters, majorly basing on those websites that can reach the peak of link profiles for penalty hitting that the target locations or languages.
If you think that your websites are receiving a low quality links, then you have to work eager to having the links removed or submit a disavow file to Google in order to discount the no of links. Google has also stated and also announced anxiously to advising the webmasters to secure their link profiles of hitting more penalties, especially for the links in the international sites.