Friday, February 28, 2014

4 Hidden Benefits of Social Media For Your Business

Now a days, we have all set up professional Face book and Twitter accounts, separate from our personal ones. It is a place to find what’s happening in a company by sharing, tweeting, and pinning. Sometimes this might seem like an uncomfortable interruption. Some people know that, it is a valuable gadget for assigning companies to engage with customers and to get in front of new audiences. Social media provides a lot of entertainment and a form of disturbance for all of us, but from a professional point of view it comes with some questions. Some people will think about what return you are getting on this daily investment.
Even your brands leading with the customers also you must continue to fight to stay relevant. Think what that means for all of the other companies out there struggling to get a special identification and begin themselves as social media competitors. Publicity is not enough and changes are hard to come by. Hence what else is there?
Here are four hints for your brand to turn social media into real-world improvements:

1. Fundraising:

For new businesses, look at how effectively a world’s largest crowd-funding campaign can take off. Even though this crowd-funding campaign is not itself a social platform, social media is only used to spread the word. Nobody is going to want to open their pocketbooks to you, especially at first. Anyway, if you keep a strong social presence, your name can become synonymous with success, making fundraising that much easier.

2. Thought leadership:

If you are already shared your articles that belongs to you. Amazing, but are you followed your company’s conditions through social media? Even though those followers don’t know that, you can affect your followers by quoting about your brand. Your goal is to join up yourself with the people who make leadership in your field.

3. Sales:

How can you develop the process for the followers? Make a powerful offer with a strong call to action directly in your feed. Then check how JetBlue utilizes its Twitter feed for their registration pages. This might be look like a more bold approach than some would advise, but if you consider in your product’s capacity itself around cost and convenience to sell, then you have gained it in front of the followers.

4. Referrals:

Social media is the best way to use, because others do the work for you. Start by offering customers prizes and discounts for sharing positive experiences on social media and recommending your brand to their friends. Customer makes use of social media channels to know about offers and discounts. So, provide customer prizes and discounts for them for sharing positive feedback. This is the better area for sharing positive feedback.

Why SEO Can’t Reside in a Silo

Search engine optimization is considered as a best approach and effective tactic and it provides best results.SEO is an effective way to increase website traffic and to boost sales to make business boom.
SEO is considered as more effective when it combined with online marketing policies. The main purpose of SEO is to drive quality traffic for a website.

SEO is not responsible either for converting traffic into potential customers or for making customers to purchase products or services repeatedly. Yet, with complementary policies help to achieve the goals and the value of new lead produced through SEO can be increased in a great way.

The Foundation of a Conversion

SEO success is determined by conversations and it depends upon the professional design of a website to engage visitors and convert them into customers or sales depending on the objective. If we execute seo strategies perfectly, but fail to convert into traffic your effort will go to waste.

Most of the advertisers invest money on seo, but not on a website, without realizing how much importance to convert visitors into customers.

The Value of Your Customer

If you are willing to spend a lot of money for designing a website and to build seo strategies, then it should be useful for you to convert visitors into potential customers for more profits.

Most of the business owners value a customer based on initial purchase. Customer is valued by the owner based on his or her future purchases.

Encourage Repeat Purchases

Social media tools and email marketing helps website owners to make potential customers to purchase products again and again. The strategies to acquire the customers email address and making them to find out you in social media channels which play a key role to strengthen the overall effectiveness of your seo campaign.

Lead Nurturing

 By encouraging costumers repeat purchases or other strategies may effective to deliver a SEO campaign, but it may on the first visit. You need to maintain a regular contact with the customer, so that your business is will be in top position when they decide to put a step forward to purchase a product. Through this the overall SEO performance increases effectively.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Best Way to Involve at Marketing

If we consider data as well as profit driven methodology in marketing, then we will be successful in earning high returns and forgetting that we are dealing with people, but just thinking them as simple transactions. But if we look out for loyalty, than it is the time to change our attitude. So now let us look at the benefits that help us in our long-term achievement than simple transactional model what we are using.

Let us consider a marketer with high intention to get successful in the market but he does the same mistake of looking each opportunity by approaching in the similar way. If he wish for partnerships then approaches them with only one intention of developing the business. If he browses for blogs which might contribute to his business then he aims to get guest post opportunity with a chance to earn a link. If he analyses his site than he carefully observes the landing pages and checks customers, potential customers who are visiting their site and says that what can be the largest percentage of people that will be able to probably transform into sales?.
If the marketer visits conferences than he will have questions in this way “How should I speak their?”, “Is there need for me to sponsor?” or else “How can I get high number of customers from this event? And how should I cover my business on press, media and bloggers? What are the ways to turn this advertising platform into ROI? What can be different ways to convert people on social media who show interest in my topic into my customers by amplifying content?” In the above transactional way a marketer will look into things in marketing field.   

All these are very important things to deal with and are the good tactics but this is the view which says that all these people make an opportunity for earning money. Transactional relationships are just a chance to make money and are viewed with the idea what is the way that you can become my earning opportunity? But this is the ugliest way of thinking and it means we are just treating people merely as conduits either to attract or become our customer. But if we think in this transactional way then we ourselves are pushing into trouble in long-term as well as short-term success. 

It will be a funny idea to know how inverse correlation works does well. There are chances of our brand being abandoned if we go with transactional model and there are chances that people as well as customers are going to abandon the brand because it will not be the best transaction for them as they are not going to have a prerequisite relation. 

It is known that in long term high number of people can be magnified, amplified with nice things told and helps when they do not require because they are maintaining relation with the brand. But if we miss this than it should be fly wheel with things in SEO such as Social Media, content marketing which just becomes a transactional model just similar to paid advertising. In this process we will be losing tons of benefits that we will be getting from inbound channels so it is best to quit this idea. 

Instead of going with this process it would be better if we seek common ground with every kind of relationship that we are going to build and seek out common ground apart from only this particular relationship. So it can be concluded that if these things are followed and adjust the way we outreach the process of dealing with social media marketing, business development, way of advertising placements and others than we will be able to see high return on investments.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is Google Negative Ranking Factor For Customer Comments

What Happen If There Is Bad Grammar in Comments As Per Google Ranking Factor

Everyone knows, content is king in terms of google crawlers. Part of Google crawlers it necessary to make sure that your content has good readability to the visitor, is to some extent grammatically correct, and provides to visitors what they are searching for in google.

But users will be providing their valuable comments on our services without grammatically correct sentence as customer testimonials. We know how much it is valuable to get good reviews from our customers or users especially for e-commerce websites. If those comments are not good in formation of sentence, what will happen as per google ranking factor? Is there any negative impact by google algorithm?

Customer comments or reviews are not necessarily grammatically correct or it don’t have a high readability score by google algorithm. But can this hurt your website rankings? Google spam head Matt Cutts revealed some information on this issue.

Don't worry about the grammar mistakes or bad sentence formation in the comment. As long as good grammar on your website is fine, there are some people on internet and they write comments that do not always make sense.

But in terms of user point of view, it is bad remark to future users, if he read those spam comments, he may not use our services. So in terms of SEO, all spam comments should be removed from the website and make overall quality content and great user experience.

Google Fires First Shot In War On German Link Networks

Google has continuously make penalties on link networks around the world. Google has penalized German agency’s link network and also its clients after getting warned for so many times. The senior software engineer and also head of the Google web spam team “Matt-Cutts” has officially stated a word on twitter.

Nevertheless like the other statements, Cutts hasn’t said that which agency is get penalized. After that Cutts has finally stated that we had took an action against the German agency’s link network/clients. After this there are more to come in German links.

This has been stated before or warned that, by the end of January that Google had endeavor against French link network Buzzea. At that time Cutts had made an alert that German link agency’s is also on monitor, because of their link network penalty for being on second place.

Cutts came across with webmasters that point a Tweet to a post on the central blog of the German webmasters. The webmaster tools has also mentioned a warning message, which states that buying of links that passes the page rank to the other will lead to be penalized and if they receive a warning or a problem in a webmaster tools console then what they are going to do.

There’s a thought that the agency’s which has penalized. Up to now there is no agency has made a comment or anything about the penalties.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Google Vows to Reduce Fake YouTube Views

Google is commenced to take action on “Fake Views” of what it is a Fraudulent on YouTube videos. Google has recently announced, who owns the YouTube, that the fake views on video sharing reports have made an attention to authentic the YouTube views and shares of video to a websites.

There are so many tools are available on the online market that they can buy views or to redirect. Google has noticed that there are many of the third party companies are trying to sell the content creator YouTube views with large sum of amounts.

It is not at all an easy task to find  that how many YouTube videos has obtained “Fake Views”. But Google has a word that it monitors the incoming views should affect the micro fraction of video clip on a website. Processing of Fake Views is in progress and what YouTube is about, and the third party will safeguard themselves that it doesn’t work again.

“Philipp Pfeiffenberger”, Google’s software engineer, has stated in a blog. Some actors try to increase the views to exploide their videos in the social media sites; they are not at all misleading the fans about the popularity of a video, but also underestimating the YouTube’s one of the unique qualities.

As we are standing to keep our effort to make YouTube Trustworthy and full of valid cooperation, we are started to auditing the views of videos has received. After that the scanning of the past videos and their spam views will be authenticated.

From now onwards the crooked views will be removed from YouTube and the true view comes to light. We are not at all thinking that it would take a miniature fraction of videos on YouTube. It is a tough task to improvise the accuracy, but we guaranteed that maintaining the exact true count of views and make believe of our fans and creators.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp in $19 Billion

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp in $19 Billion Deal

“Facebook” has owned the messaging app “WhatsApp” with the cash and stock deal of $19 Billion. It is a smart-phone messaging app which is presently highly used by all the users. This move forwards the social network into highly getting populated application of mobile messaging market.

The buying of WhatsApp is not only the possibility to add the already substantial user base for the social network, but to explode and advance the mobile services fast. According to the agreement done by Facebook and WhatsApp, Facebook has to pay $4 Billion on Cash and $12 Billion on stock for WhatsApp.

And also for closing the deal they gave $3 Billion in restricted stock units that have been offered to the founder and employees who are vest from the last 4 years. The successful rise of WhatsApp is exponentially from its drive since 2009. The entire service has about 450 million users. The app has a great popularity in the social market, and 1 million new users are going to add daily.

As far as the Facebook has stated the deal, the accretion lasts longer for social networks and WhatsApp's shared mission will made a good compatibility and provide connectivity to the world by conveying core internet facilities comfortably and avoidable.

Mingle of both companies will help for the rapid growth of user commitment. "WhatsApp is the best way to connect 1 billion users. The benefits that are provided to reach the turning point are all incredibly expensive," said by Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg has an idea to get into the messaging society of mobile for a while. The company had decided to invest $3 billion to buy Snapchat last year, but the offer was declined due to photo sharing. From Starting WhatsApp continuously maintains their own brand, while co-founder and CEO Jan Koum are willing to join Facebooks board.

“Mark Zuckerberg” who was the CEO of Facebook and the investors has a word on the conference call during Wednesday. That WhatsApp has an aid of multi-billion-dollars, because it is having a humorous growth rate in the four years since it has been established and it is easily surpassed the social network sites such as “Facebook, Gmail, Skype, and Twitter”.

All of these are very highly positioned growth rate in the internet market. Mark has said that I had known Jan for long and I have been excited to be a partner with him after all his team the world will become more open and connected.

As “Jan Koum” has written a post on his company’s blog that the deal is not only to give the WhatsApp to the Facebook but it should be flexible to grow and explode. But it will enable a company’s 55 employees to mainly concentrated on the building of communication service that are as fast, cheap and personal as possible.

According to OnDevice research WhatsApp is the most popular app in the smart phones of the mobile world. Acquiring of WhatsApp will boost the Facebook’s already had a solid position in the jammed messaging society. Facebook is a standalone application for smart phones but it had remains second to the shares of WhatsApp for mobiles.

New Backlinks Analysis Tool from WebMeUp for free

  Inbound links from high quality sources are essential for a successful SEO campaign. In today's SEO market, there are numerous tools available for evaluating inbound links of a website. When you browse for SEO software, you will get several search results that offer SEO services for free and paid. You need to consider many factors while choosing an SEO software package and it is quite difficult to find an ultimate solution for SEO. For a successful SEO campaign, the tool has to meet the following factors :-
  • It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It must present the data conveniently and quickly.
  • It has to cover a wide range of factors such as site structure analysis, content optimization and all the ON page & OFF page factors.
  • It must monitor the popularity of a website in various social media channels.
Especially, the tool has to be more helpful for novices to build a successful SEO campaign.
There is a tool called 'WebMeUp', which fulfills all the aforementioned factors. WebMeUp is a software tool that offers SEO services for webmasters to optimize their website and provides tips to improve their website to achieve a better ranking in search results.
There are various backlink checker tools available on the web today for SEO markets. But marketer has to choose the right kind of tool for better growth. WebMeUp is one among them, and is different from other backlink checker tools as it uses a unique methodology for finding and analyzing inbound links for your website. This tool is more helpful for small site owners who really depend on SEO and rankings for improving their business profits in competitive world. Moreover, it avoids duplicate links and provides unique links to save your precious time.
This tool helps you to access inbound links of any website for free. It provides backlinks information such as :
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Backlink types (dofollow/nofollow; text/image)
  • Top linked pages
  • Links distribution by country
  • Backlink TLDs
  • IPs of the linking domains
  • Anchor texts diversity
In addition, this tool offers helpful information about keywords and its ranking, SEO factors, landing pages, site structure, competitive research, social media, Google analytics data and reports.
One of the most interesting and useful advantage of this tool is that it offers the best solution for webmasters who worry more about 'not provided' keyword in Google analytics. This issue is causing a serious problem for SEO marketers, who rely completely on Google analytics as source for analyzing traffic, visitors, keywords, landing pages and more.
This tool makes use of an algorithm to track approximated traffic for "not provided" data keyword with the help of sources such as Alexa, comScore, Quantcast and EMarketer.

Start using WebMeUp tool, by following the step by step procedure:

  • To use WebMeUp features, you need to register on the website. No credit card is required for registering.
  • To start accessing, you have to add your website URL, keywords and target search engines for analysis. You can add projects in this tool with the help of new project tab.
  • You can view a number of widgets on project dashboard after completion of your project summary.
  • The dashboard is flexible and very easy to navigate. You can add or delete the widgets as necessary.
  • In ranking factor module, you can find more information about website ranking factors.
  • This tool provides you a comprehensive information about your inbound links and offer tips to optimize your links.
  • In reports section, you can find all kind of reports such as monthly ranking report, OFF page optimization report, ON page optimization report and website optimization report.
  • In addition, you can add inbound links of your website manually to analyze when they go live.
  • In this tool, page section has been divided into two modules. They are Site Architecture and Landing Pages. Site Architecture offers information about broken links, errors, duplicate content, missing page titles and descriptions, whereas Landing Pages module provides information about HTTP status.
  • The competitors section contains analysis of your competitor websites based on various factors such as page rank, Alexa Rank, domain age, social media popularity and more.
  • Last but not the least, it gives you a complete picture of your backlinks profile. It analyzes each link by evaluating many factors. This information is available in 'Backlinks' profile module.

WebMeUp tool is the best tool for novices as well as for marketers who want to achieve a successful SEO campaign. It provides complete information about SEO factors starting from keyword research and its ranking, Backlinks profile, competitor analysis, to all ON page and OFF page factors.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Handle Duplicate Content Generated by User & Manufacturer on Large Number of URLS

As we know that if meta-description is exactly of same pattern in most of the pages in the web than Google takes no chance to penalize it.  So we need to find out ways to deal with product descriptions when a manufacturer asks us to write in similar way to the competitors. Here are just three tips that help us to reduce the risk of our site being penalized by including content in product descriptions.

We know that this is the problem faced by most of e-commerce sites, travel sites, or the sites where user-generated, user-review content is seen with respect to duplicate content. Let us consider an example of BMO’s travel gadgets which sales BMO Camera 9000 and whose manufacturer has made a note that this product should have same information in all sites. The product should be displayed along with its description of manufacturer, user reviews and specific photographs.

This generally applies to large number of e-commerce sites apart from those sites where content licensing happens too frequently. It comes to our attention that user reviews on sites that deal with rental properties or hotels or car rentals or flights are those sites which will face same type of issue as these sectors contain large number of related sites.

There are few ways which can be done in order to be unique not a vast list of choices but some options that will make content exclusive. First one is we can inform manufacturer that I am here to create unique content and all that I want to include for product description is colored in green. Here it goes with my trial by taking some snaps with the camera, then comparing this with other cameras,  will be including some specifications that might not be provided by manufacturer, will make own editorial review and also some top reviews from the customers. And this type of description will be successful as it is totally different from others.

Second idea is that if we have little of unique content but large amount of duplicate content which is useful to user and has to be placed on the page then we can prefer iframes but this should be either out of the search engines index or else it should not be associated with this particular url. That is we can build an iframe, put the content in it and embed it on the page.

The last idea goes in this way that is we need to take content which is highly duplicative, and then we need to apply aggregation, modification as well as visualization to this duplicate content.  Now this will be unique, will be valued and has high chances of ranking well in search engines. As it is a combination of duplicate pieces of content it will be recognized by search engines and they will place it in the index.

So all the above tips help to avoid the pages to be duplicate and make them unique among high number of websites.

What an Homepage Should Focus On?

Home page is very essential for every site so there is need for site webmasters to concentrate on what has to be included and how effectively it should work. Previously home pages used to be extremely valid as one stop shops for stores and brands in online. But today home pages are being targeted more as webmasters along with search engines are able to understand what users are searching for and are focusing more on homepage and how to attract buyers.

 If we compare home pages of online brands previous ones with present home pages then we can see a large number of changes. Below is the image of comparison

Previously home pages were used to be promoted with certain important pages or sections of site that needs user’s attention. For example we used to put them like here is my blog, here comes a popular product; this is the place which has to be visited and so on in the homepage. But presently those methods of promoting are proven wrong and we need to work on making those sections easy to navigate from home page.  So that it will be easy to focus on important things of site or just unique sections of the site or else on important things which most of the customers and visitors of site are looking for answers from the homepage.

Now we no need of saying that this is the most important content I have on my site, let us promote this and I will be able to capture attention of less number of users. Instead we need to say by redesigning home page as these are the sections of the site you can navigate by letting me promote most important thing on home page which gives users a focused experience. 

The second most important area we used to focus in home pages previously is high number of different keywords. Because in the Old Google it was the page with highest page rank that would rank for most of the things. But as the Google improvised page rank was less concentrated and also it was that page which earned most of the links. So frequently, the anchor text was comparatively expanded that would link to that homepage, and so were all these other signals. So the homepage could rank for a lot of stuff that other pages couldn't.

But presently there is no need to do all those things as Google and Bing are being improvised and are focusing on the site which has all those required and not just that particular page. Search engines are taking authority of a site in different areas, around keyword terms and phrases that are being focused into account. And if a site has a page that particularly focuses on these topics than it is going to rank higher in search results though the page does not have that standards that are needed for ranking but because the site does.

Inner pages of site will acquire authority of a site, strength of the site and it helps to focus just 1 or 2 keywords or else no general keywords. Instead we can work on branded-centric keywords only leaving behind un-branded keywords but can have particular landing pages to these unbranded keywords which can be deeper in the sections. 

There are some general tips that are to be concentrated in a homepage these may not be exact but with little changes which gives an idea whether you are doing it in a right way or wrong.  Following are the five important points which are to be focused in a home page:

1.      Logo and Navigation sections
                                     Logo and navigation should be present on the right top of a page and it has to be same in all the pages including home page. Navigation should be same in the home page as in rest of pages of site but there can be little changes to the logo in home page compared to rest of the pages.
      2.      Visual image to give an idea on company or service
             A visual image on home page in the site gives a best idea of what the site is about and what service or products they offer rather than the text on the site. As a human tendency we first look at the images than read the text.

     3.      Answering some frequently asked questions or empathetic questions 
             It is the best idea to answer the empathetic questions that arise when a new product is seen just on the home page.

     4.      Social proof or credibility signals
             Social proof credibility signals is another most important section which gives an impression about the site by just reading them and there are high chances to go deep in to the site.

     5.      Call to action
              A call to action is must on the homepage as it guides users how they have to travel the site once they have finished with homepage and which gives a positive impact about the site.

              Thus all these factors when displayed on the home page of a site will attract people and create there engagement on the site.

Domaining for Links

Having links increases your website’s ranking, or PageRank. PageRank is one of the many factors where your website lands in Google. A PageRank of 10 is the highest. In simple terms, the popularity of websites is determined by PageRanks.

One of the ways on how to have high PageRanks is through domains. On the internet, domain is an integral part in network addresses. To have a domain, you have to buy it from domain providers. There are accredited and legit domain providers, and the most recognized ones are the ones that belong to the Top Level Domains such as .com, .net, and .org.

Having a lot of link value can be achieved by purchasing a lot of domains, and this method is called domaining. This method will allow you to link your acquired websites to each other so you can spread its link value. There are cases wherein the entire domain is lead to a destination website so it will receive all the link value.

To achieve links by domaining, it is also important to get a domain that ranks high. Having a domain that ranks on top will aid your link to be on the top position. Some SEO competitors bid on domains with top link profiles. Some also build links by purchasing domains which are about to expire. This method saves work and effort, as the domain already has content and backlinks, apart from these domains already have established presence.

Optimizing PPC Campaign Landing Page

Why Optimized Landing Pages Better Your SEO Or PPC Landing Pages Every Time?

What Is Landing Page?

First know the definition of landing page before entering into the subject. Landing page is when customer accessed by clicking on our ad it will be redirected to our web page, that page is called landing page. Give landing page url in the ad text variation.

Landing page optimization is a successful business factor especially in PPC campaign. PPC has named as “landing pages” while SEO has named as “optimized pages”.  We need to optimize landing pages and optimized pages need to work as great landing pages. Let’s learn how to combine these two types of web pages into one optimized landing page.

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

When creating a good landing page there are a few basic that are to be followed which play key role in developing a good landing page. Below are the basic elements,
  • Strong Headline
  • Topically Focused Content
  • Benefit-Oriented Content
  • Scannable Content
  • Visual Clarity
  • Call-to-Action
  • Testing

What Makes A Good Optimized Page?

The main focus of search engine optimization is on rankings in search engines. We can't say good SEO doesn’t comprise other things. Here are few most important elements of an optimized page.
  1. Keyword Focused Title
  2. Well-Written Description
  3. Keyword Focused Headline
  4. Keyword Focused Content
  5. Content with Properly Coded Hierarchy
  6. Inbound Links
  7. Socialization Options
  8. Testing

What Makes A Good Optimized Landing Page?

The main aim to creating good optimized landing page is that will work for both PPC and SEO purpose. If you optimize a page in view of organically terms then it will not give us good landing page conversions. There are some more techniques where it makes better performance to deliver PPC traffic to a non-optimized page and we have to do one special design for paid traffic. So follow the above tips to get more PPC traffic and conversion with optimized landing page.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Google offers advice on SEO recommendations for pages with infinite scroll

Pages with infinite scroll are more frequently valued by users as compared to Googlebot, as Google itself figures out in a post published on their official Webmaster Central blog. Infinite scroll means, now a days we have number of websites with newer styles such as Pinterest, many landing pages with a lot of products on a single page. The issue with this infinite scroll is that search engine spiders cannot crawls the whole web site as a user.
You need to organize your content management system to produce paginated series to crawl all other infinite pages, in order to crawls the individual page from infinite scroll. Google stated that when a page with infinite scroll is converted to paginate series, it is easier for search engine spiders to crawl your site hence your site become search engine friendly. In this paginated series, each page has a same title with rel=next/prev values, which is stated in header tag.

Further SEO Recommendations for Infinite Scroll:

Google offers a full list of search friendly recommendations for pages with infinite scroll. Here we have some important points:
  • When JavaScript is not available, make your infinite-scroll page content into paginated series that can be easily accessible by search engine spiders.
  • On every page make sure that if a user came directly to this page, they can easily find what they need.
  • Make sure that every page has a correct load time.
  • There is no overlap between every page of content.
  • Each page must consist of full URL that can be accessed individually.
  • Organize pagination with every page containing rel=next and rel=prev values in the header tag.
  • Finally, analyze it by checking that page values regulate as the user scrolls up or down.
By applying above recommendations, make sure that your pages and total content can be seen by Google’s crawlers and your site become search engine friendly.

Four steps to improve your Content Marketing and beat your Competition

  Google changing its rules and guidelines constantly on search engine optimization (SEO) to provide better user experience. Henceforth, you need to implement innovative strategies to beat your competition for better ranking in search results. Most of the marketers are unable to receive the benefits of content marketing because their content is getting lost on the web even though their content is accurate and relevant.

Make a proper plan to use content marketing as your key factor for improving your business. Users search online either for solutions to solve their problems or to buy products online. If you offer them valuable information, they will show much interest on your business and services. In addition, content marketing helps you to attract potential audience for better growth of your business.

Strategies to win at content marketing

1. Create content for all types of readers

You must create content in such a way that, it should be useful for all types of readers when they search for right kind of information. Even though your content is unique, it is not seen by many people on the web because of high competition. Hence, you need to do research on keywords to make your content more valuable to beat your competition. Build a popular and more useful content with target keywords to reach all types of readers through which you can gain more traffic to your site.

2. Quality

As we know that, over optimization is not a perfect strategy to drive more traffic. While creating a quality content, you need to consider factors such as titles, keyword density, page length, originality and link strategy. Create quality content and landing pages for users not for search engines. Follow Google quality guidelines while implementing strategies to improve your website ranking.

3. Consistency

Monitor your competitor websites for few weeks and figure out changes and updates made by them. Try to do update your website more often to reach audience. The more often you make right type of updates, the more often crawlers check your website which in turn helps you to get better ranking in search results. Hence, try to update your website with quality content.

4. Longevity

You cannot go back in time and build a longer site, if your competitor site is so longer. However, to beat your competition, implement few necessary changes to make readers to stay on your page for a long time. Publish quality and useful post to improve your campaign.