Friday, May 29, 2015

How to Optimize Facebook Business Page

10 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Nowadays, social media is very popular in business especially in online business. So every e-commerce website must be having top social media accounts like facebook and twitter. Now we will discuss how to do business face page and how to optimize them?

To success in business, facebook will bring more business as we expect if you done good optimization to facebook business page. Here we are giving some tips to optimize the page.

Reposition Photos

When uploading the photos or images, reposition the photos. If placed the images at poor position will make your page look sloopy. Try to keep your facebook timeline as tidy as possible.

Proofread Your Content

When you writing “About” section of your business, ensure that there is no grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and missing punctuation. If we having these mistakes, customer thinks like as demonstrating a lack of professionalism.

Clean Up

Regularly update the facebook page with great milestones. Try to utilize the star or highlighting the business features. It will bring attention to customer.

Link Your Social Networks

Connect your all social media accounts with facebook page like Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. With this visitor can engage your social media pages with multiple platforms.

Tag Your Fans

Use tagging option in facebook. Try to communicate your customer with tagging option (Use “@” before name). It will post your fan page then the post will be shown to all friends who are in tagged fan facebook timeline. This must look professional, don’t misuse the option for silly reasons.

Create a Vanity URL

It is an extremely important task to having a simple URL to direct customers to your facebook page. It will be great helpful to your product brand and increase engagement.

Share Often

Spread your content with sharing option. Make sure, try to give catchy headlines to the content and encourage fans with questions, answers and suggestions.

Pin It

If having any eye catching content, product or any blog post. Pinterest is a great way to drive the customers back to your facebook business page. Just pin and voila in Pinterest account.

Enable Messaging

Need to discuss with fans directly without posting in timeline. Just enable messaging option in manage permissions under admin panel.

Spread Some Cheer

Continuously upload content or product details, fans will be feeling bore about the facebook page. So sometimes update the timeline with wishes like happy Friday, happy weekend or what you are doing to take your mind off the grind this weekend? Like this. These types of posts will create a tight bond with your loyal fans. It will also increase positive engage in your wall by giving replies to your posts.

So follow these suggestions and keep your fans engage in your business page. These tips help to get the more fans to your facebook business page.