Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 Easy Tips to Build Links at Events

Conferences are the best opportunity to build links in easiest ways without many efforts. Following are the five best ways to build links at events:
Meeting People:
There are some people who will not talk to others in the meetings not even to the people who sit beside them. Though content is great it will be valuable only if we meet up with people in conferences and meetings. It means there are people who wait for the conferences they meet with people and show interest in linking to content and share the stuff you have. So conferences are one of the best ways to share our content and link.

Organizing Events and Meetups:
Meetings or conferences are organized so that they can meet like-minded people. It will be a best idea to organize meeting with people in our niche. Let us consider an example of organizing a user experience meetup in an SEO conference. It will let us know about the people who are interested or have user experience and conversion rate optimization.
After you thought of organizing the event then next you need to start a blog on the event which helps to promote and spread the word. Even we can create a social network element at registration so that meetup will circulate among different groups. So that it goes on sharing.
Live Blogging:
It is obvious that stuff shared or linked at conferences will be higher than the normal sharing through sites. It is quite natural that it surrounds most of the content of conference, live blogging along with live tweets and our content will be spread and shared with more number of people. Along with these conference websites and niche blogs will be linking to cover live blogging.
Interviewing Speakers:
 Speakers are helpful in content promotion has they have plenty of knowledge and they want people to listen to their speech first. So they are the best source to get links.
Mid-Conference Reviews:
When topics are being discussed in mid-conferences overviews are given and it reflects the people who still have mind-set of linking and sharing.
So we can conclude that these are just few ways but there more ways to get links shared rather than sharing them by just sitting in front of a system.

Google Maps Business Listings, Conflicts Happen Including Duplicate Listing Issues

Google has naturally updated the place listings of old data to the new data into the system dashboard. When this updating are in progress there may be some problems arises to avoid the process completion.
Recently a new conflict arises that there is a duplicate listings of data in the system, so Google needs you to solve the problem and to complete the process of updating the place listings. Google was sending the reports to those who are affected by this issue, having the duplicate place listings via email.
In this notice they stated, we are informing you that Google can’t hold more than one authorized owner for the business of place listings. Your account is having one or more place listings that have been considered as redundant data and finally the information provided by you can’t be showed off to the users any more.
Jade Wang has posted a post in the “Google Business Help forums”. She was an employee from Google; she counts up the Issues Two-fold.
  1. The account you are using and another account that you don’t have any control can be verified for the same business in the place listings.
  2. The accounts you are controlling may verify the pages multiple times.
Each of us is having their own method of resolving the problems. In the same way Google has their own way to solve this problem which has emailed to the business owner.