Friday, July 11, 2014

Are You Worried About Negative SEO? Here Is How To Take Action

Webmasters not only have claimed negative SEO works, they are saying that now a days it is very easy to execute when compared to olden days. Present, if you are bothered about negative SEO, which apparently many of you are. Hence you have to do something about it.
Now, already if you were hit, you need to do more work than what is described below. You have to use both webmaster tools and third party link tools to evaluate your links and what to get rid of.
But for those who are like me, right now they do not have any ranking problems. But maybe a little bit troubled over negative SEO then weekly you can check a single report. You can get this single report in Google webmaster tools, check this report in every week and manage your links here.
When you login to Webmaster Tools, you can go to your link report and download the latest links. Look at them all manually and reject the links you do not want.

Google Latest Links

This report won't display your latest links but it should be enough to stay on top of your most recent links. These links are the ones you need to stay on top, hence that negative SEO doesn't reach and bit you.
For the rest of the thing, you have no need to worry. Only you need to focus on what you can control and if Google slips up, it will finally start to hurt their market share and search quality.