Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Best Way to Involve at Marketing

If we consider data as well as profit driven methodology in marketing, then we will be successful in earning high returns and forgetting that we are dealing with people, but just thinking them as simple transactions. But if we look out for loyalty, than it is the time to change our attitude. So now let us look at the benefits that help us in our long-term achievement than simple transactional model what we are using.

Let us consider a marketer with high intention to get successful in the market but he does the same mistake of looking each opportunity by approaching in the similar way. If he wish for partnerships then approaches them with only one intention of developing the business. If he browses for blogs which might contribute to his business then he aims to get guest post opportunity with a chance to earn a link. If he analyses his site than he carefully observes the landing pages and checks customers, potential customers who are visiting their site and says that what can be the largest percentage of people that will be able to probably transform into sales?.
If the marketer visits conferences than he will have questions in this way “How should I speak their?”, “Is there need for me to sponsor?” or else “How can I get high number of customers from this event? And how should I cover my business on press, media and bloggers? What are the ways to turn this advertising platform into ROI? What can be different ways to convert people on social media who show interest in my topic into my customers by amplifying content?” In the above transactional way a marketer will look into things in marketing field.   

All these are very important things to deal with and are the good tactics but this is the view which says that all these people make an opportunity for earning money. Transactional relationships are just a chance to make money and are viewed with the idea what is the way that you can become my earning opportunity? But this is the ugliest way of thinking and it means we are just treating people merely as conduits either to attract or become our customer. But if we think in this transactional way then we ourselves are pushing into trouble in long-term as well as short-term success. 

It will be a funny idea to know how inverse correlation works does well. There are chances of our brand being abandoned if we go with transactional model and there are chances that people as well as customers are going to abandon the brand because it will not be the best transaction for them as they are not going to have a prerequisite relation. 

It is known that in long term high number of people can be magnified, amplified with nice things told and helps when they do not require because they are maintaining relation with the brand. But if we miss this than it should be fly wheel with things in SEO such as Social Media, content marketing which just becomes a transactional model just similar to paid advertising. In this process we will be losing tons of benefits that we will be getting from inbound channels so it is best to quit this idea. 

Instead of going with this process it would be better if we seek common ground with every kind of relationship that we are going to build and seek out common ground apart from only this particular relationship. So it can be concluded that if these things are followed and adjust the way we outreach the process of dealing with social media marketing, business development, way of advertising placements and others than we will be able to see high return on investments.