Monday, February 2, 2009

SEO Tips for Dynamic Websites

Search Engine Optimization tips for dynamic websites

SEO Tips for Dynamic Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods for dynamic websites; like - ecommerce, blogs, forums etc

Almost all webmasters have their own blogs and may be they are using Wordpress or Blogspot or something else. Don’t you believe these applications are dynamic websites? Of course they are! So if you recognize SEO methods regarding Wordpress, blogspot, typepad etc - that means you are previously aware of search engine optimization!

Still I’m going to share my few SEO tips, hope this will help you:

  • Use unique TITLE, Meta Keywords and Meta Description for all web pages.
  • Heading tags(h1, h2, h3, h4 …) should be maintained as follows:
    • H1 – Category Names
    • H2 – Product Name
    • H3 – Special Features of the product
  • Avoid using IFRAMES and place in separate url.
  • Use ALT Tags in all IMAGES.
  • CSS websites are more SEO friendly that TABLE websites.
  • Social bookmarking shortcuts – so that visitors can bookmark easily.
  • Javascript and CSS should be placed in external Javascript and CSS files.
  • Use XHTML and CSS as much as possible –validate XHTML from here Markup Validation Service and validate CSS from CSS Validation Service.
  • No webpage should not be 3-clicks away from homepage because the WebPages more deep than that are not frequently indexed by search engine bots.
    • Wrong way: Homepage > Category > Subcategory > Subcategory2 > Subcategory3> Subcategory4 > Product
    • Right Way: Homepage > Category > Subcategory > Product

  • 2 forms of sitemap is recommended, one in html – for the visitors, and other one in XML format – for the search engine bots.
  • Avoid flash navigations in websites. If you really want to better SERP easily, then avoid graphics.
  • Always use more and more unique, fresh contents in the webpages.
  • Always try to use search engine friendly urls.
    • Not Recommended: product.php?product=1
    • Recommended: product/1
    • Highly Recommended: product/search-engine-friendly-url
  • No session id in URL.
  • Maintain a RSS feed for latest products, and submit to RSS directories.