Saturday, February 22, 2014

Google Vows to Reduce Fake YouTube Views

Google is commenced to take action on “Fake Views” of what it is a Fraudulent on YouTube videos. Google has recently announced, who owns the YouTube, that the fake views on video sharing reports have made an attention to authentic the YouTube views and shares of video to a websites.

There are so many tools are available on the online market that they can buy views or to redirect. Google has noticed that there are many of the third party companies are trying to sell the content creator YouTube views with large sum of amounts.

It is not at all an easy task to find  that how many YouTube videos has obtained “Fake Views”. But Google has a word that it monitors the incoming views should affect the micro fraction of video clip on a website. Processing of Fake Views is in progress and what YouTube is about, and the third party will safeguard themselves that it doesn’t work again.

“Philipp Pfeiffenberger”, Google’s software engineer, has stated in a blog. Some actors try to increase the views to exploide their videos in the social media sites; they are not at all misleading the fans about the popularity of a video, but also underestimating the YouTube’s one of the unique qualities.

As we are standing to keep our effort to make YouTube Trustworthy and full of valid cooperation, we are started to auditing the views of videos has received. After that the scanning of the past videos and their spam views will be authenticated.

From now onwards the crooked views will be removed from YouTube and the true view comes to light. We are not at all thinking that it would take a miniature fraction of videos on YouTube. It is a tough task to improvise the accuracy, but we guaranteed that maintaining the exact true count of views and make believe of our fans and creators.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp in $19 Billion

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp in $19 Billion Deal

“Facebook” has owned the messaging app “WhatsApp” with the cash and stock deal of $19 Billion. It is a smart-phone messaging app which is presently highly used by all the users. This move forwards the social network into highly getting populated application of mobile messaging market.

The buying of WhatsApp is not only the possibility to add the already substantial user base for the social network, but to explode and advance the mobile services fast. According to the agreement done by Facebook and WhatsApp, Facebook has to pay $4 Billion on Cash and $12 Billion on stock for WhatsApp.

And also for closing the deal they gave $3 Billion in restricted stock units that have been offered to the founder and employees who are vest from the last 4 years. The successful rise of WhatsApp is exponentially from its drive since 2009. The entire service has about 450 million users. The app has a great popularity in the social market, and 1 million new users are going to add daily.

As far as the Facebook has stated the deal, the accretion lasts longer for social networks and WhatsApp's shared mission will made a good compatibility and provide connectivity to the world by conveying core internet facilities comfortably and avoidable.

Mingle of both companies will help for the rapid growth of user commitment. "WhatsApp is the best way to connect 1 billion users. The benefits that are provided to reach the turning point are all incredibly expensive," said by Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg has an idea to get into the messaging society of mobile for a while. The company had decided to invest $3 billion to buy Snapchat last year, but the offer was declined due to photo sharing. From Starting WhatsApp continuously maintains their own brand, while co-founder and CEO Jan Koum are willing to join Facebooks board.

“Mark Zuckerberg” who was the CEO of Facebook and the investors has a word on the conference call during Wednesday. That WhatsApp has an aid of multi-billion-dollars, because it is having a humorous growth rate in the four years since it has been established and it is easily surpassed the social network sites such as “Facebook, Gmail, Skype, and Twitter”.

All of these are very highly positioned growth rate in the internet market. Mark has said that I had known Jan for long and I have been excited to be a partner with him after all his team the world will become more open and connected.

As “Jan Koum” has written a post on his company’s blog that the deal is not only to give the WhatsApp to the Facebook but it should be flexible to grow and explode. But it will enable a company’s 55 employees to mainly concentrated on the building of communication service that are as fast, cheap and personal as possible.

According to OnDevice research WhatsApp is the most popular app in the smart phones of the mobile world. Acquiring of WhatsApp will boost the Facebook’s already had a solid position in the jammed messaging society. Facebook is a standalone application for smart phones but it had remains second to the shares of WhatsApp for mobiles.

New Backlinks Analysis Tool from WebMeUp for free

  Inbound links from high quality sources are essential for a successful SEO campaign. In today's SEO market, there are numerous tools available for evaluating inbound links of a website. When you browse for SEO software, you will get several search results that offer SEO services for free and paid. You need to consider many factors while choosing an SEO software package and it is quite difficult to find an ultimate solution for SEO. For a successful SEO campaign, the tool has to meet the following factors :-
  • It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It must present the data conveniently and quickly.
  • It has to cover a wide range of factors such as site structure analysis, content optimization and all the ON page & OFF page factors.
  • It must monitor the popularity of a website in various social media channels.
Especially, the tool has to be more helpful for novices to build a successful SEO campaign.
There is a tool called 'WebMeUp', which fulfills all the aforementioned factors. WebMeUp is a software tool that offers SEO services for webmasters to optimize their website and provides tips to improve their website to achieve a better ranking in search results.
There are various backlink checker tools available on the web today for SEO markets. But marketer has to choose the right kind of tool for better growth. WebMeUp is one among them, and is different from other backlink checker tools as it uses a unique methodology for finding and analyzing inbound links for your website. This tool is more helpful for small site owners who really depend on SEO and rankings for improving their business profits in competitive world. Moreover, it avoids duplicate links and provides unique links to save your precious time.
This tool helps you to access inbound links of any website for free. It provides backlinks information such as :
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Backlink types (dofollow/nofollow; text/image)
  • Top linked pages
  • Links distribution by country
  • Backlink TLDs
  • IPs of the linking domains
  • Anchor texts diversity
In addition, this tool offers helpful information about keywords and its ranking, SEO factors, landing pages, site structure, competitive research, social media, Google analytics data and reports.
One of the most interesting and useful advantage of this tool is that it offers the best solution for webmasters who worry more about 'not provided' keyword in Google analytics. This issue is causing a serious problem for SEO marketers, who rely completely on Google analytics as source for analyzing traffic, visitors, keywords, landing pages and more.
This tool makes use of an algorithm to track approximated traffic for "not provided" data keyword with the help of sources such as Alexa, comScore, Quantcast and EMarketer.

Start using WebMeUp tool, by following the step by step procedure:

  • To use WebMeUp features, you need to register on the website. No credit card is required for registering.
  • To start accessing, you have to add your website URL, keywords and target search engines for analysis. You can add projects in this tool with the help of new project tab.
  • You can view a number of widgets on project dashboard after completion of your project summary.
  • The dashboard is flexible and very easy to navigate. You can add or delete the widgets as necessary.
  • In ranking factor module, you can find more information about website ranking factors.
  • This tool provides you a comprehensive information about your inbound links and offer tips to optimize your links.
  • In reports section, you can find all kind of reports such as monthly ranking report, OFF page optimization report, ON page optimization report and website optimization report.
  • In addition, you can add inbound links of your website manually to analyze when they go live.
  • In this tool, page section has been divided into two modules. They are Site Architecture and Landing Pages. Site Architecture offers information about broken links, errors, duplicate content, missing page titles and descriptions, whereas Landing Pages module provides information about HTTP status.
  • The competitors section contains analysis of your competitor websites based on various factors such as page rank, Alexa Rank, domain age, social media popularity and more.
  • Last but not the least, it gives you a complete picture of your backlinks profile. It analyzes each link by evaluating many factors. This information is available in 'Backlinks' profile module.

WebMeUp tool is the best tool for novices as well as for marketers who want to achieve a successful SEO campaign. It provides complete information about SEO factors starting from keyword research and its ranking, Backlinks profile, competitor analysis, to all ON page and OFF page factors.