Wednesday, March 5, 2014

6 Ways to Earn Higher Rankings Without Investing in Content Creation and Marketing

Content marketing helps to rank higher in search results without using SEO tools and investing much. Here are 6 ways which help us to improve rankings in search results without investing a dime in creation and marketing of content.

First and the foremost ways are to write better snippets which have to be served by our pages. Let us consider an example, when we do a search then we can find number of results in search results page. While each result will have a title, then URL of the page beneath that we will be finding description. In these descriptions we can find author profiles, videos and if we have some rich snippet mark-up then it will be shown and leads to the page.  It means this equals to adding rel=”author”.  Making rich snippet means just not making it compelling but instead it should display what a page contains. Because it hurts a webmaster in two cases if user just move away from your site, first is if search engines view at your site as pogo -sticking behavior and they move away. In second case there is no way to convert those users into buyers or either potential sharers of the content.
Second thing is to improve easy and friendly crawling also pages-of-value-ratio in the site. Improvising low-quality pages, making clean navigation system, creating high chances to index the site, navigation should be easy driving in-to deeper pages with just fewer clicks and making all the pages accessible which Google does not want to index. All these above tips improve sites traffic and improve crawling of the website.
While the third way is to improve page speed as it is taken into consideration even though this plays a little role in Google algorithm for ranking. This instead will satisfy users, reduce bounce-rate as well as reduces pogo-sticking activity. All these help in converting users in to buyers, sharers and appreciators of the brand.
Fourth way is to influence users to attract links by either sharing links, traffic to the pages, endorsements and others.
Fifth way is to find the pages on the site that are liked by users but they does not return enough organic traffic, but has a low bounce rate, a good number of visits, a high browse rate, meaning people are clicking and visiting other pages after them.
All the above tips help in creating content as well as marketing it without investing but ranking higher in search engines.