Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google’s Speedy Enhancements Save You Time and Keystrokes

Google’s Speedy Enhancements Save You Time and Keystrokes

Speed is a general subject at Google. The idea and the aim of speed are baked into all departments of Google products, starting from Google Chrome to Google web search. Frequently, Google also simply develop features that help out to respond quickly for all the query terms. Whether by bringing the precise content that we look for by displaying it at the top of the search results page or by optimizing the method you search. Several of these speed enhancements save you time and keystrokes.

Two New Features Of Google This week

Sunrise and Sunset Search feature

The Sunrise and Sunset Search feature can be helpful forever to know exactly when you can look to get the best time for a morning jog or while arranging the best and exact moment for a wedding proposal. This week, Google is very much ready to launch a Sunrise and Sunset feature for search. The Sunrise and Sunset Search feature presents you the precise times of sunsets and sunrises for any location in the world. In contrast to the weather, sunrises and sunsets are fairly predictable, and accordingly, Google don't use a data source. Instead it relies on latitude, longitude and the current time and it calculates sunrise and sunset times. This calculation has been of attention to mathematicians and astronomers for millennia, thus they’ve had time to get it just right. And for the most of the locations, it’s accurate to within a single minute.

Google Search by Voice & more languages

Google Search by people’s Voice enables to search the web more rapidly than ever before by getting your responses with smaller number keystrokes. Initially, this Google Search by Voice service was launched in English, and was offered in the U.S., U.K., India, Australia and New Zealand. Later Google introduced this Google Search by Voice service in Japanese and Mandarin and expanded it to the number of possible users. Just a week ago, Google launched the service German, in French, Italian and Spanish. Known that local languages are major aspects in the performance of speech recognition. Google first launched this service in the four countries mainly closely linked with Spanish, French and German languages. This week Google focused on Korean and the launch in Taiwan of Traditional Mandarin.

How to start Google Search by Voice Feature

By visiting the Google mobile page of our country's domain (e.g.  In France go to m.google.fr) we can download the application to our phone’s operating system in our locale. This Google Search by Voice feature will be available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones. Eventually, Google’s goal is to bring Google Search by voice feature to speakers of all languages, hence keep on reading for more announcements.

SEO’s Magic Bullet, What is SEO’s Magic Bullet, Top Five Ranking Factors in Search Engines

There is big contradiction between many SEO’s when a question of Magic bullet comes, few believe the theory of magic bullet exists and few don’t. Well, it’s hard to change one’s belief in the platform of SEO. Let’s leave the existence of magic bullet theory but see what the theory saying and whether points benefit our SEO techniques or not.

Firstly, what is SEO’s Magic Bullet? It’s a process of solving or a magical solution to perplexity problem without any side effects or to say in simple words getting results with a minimum of efforts.  But to a fact there are no big secrets behind SEO.

Blogging is one such magic bullet. It’s nothing new word we heard but yes, there are many benefits behind blogging and can be considered as Magic bullet. Let me explain.

Few months ago, SEOmoz.org released their Search Engine Ranking Factors-2009, which are something like this.

Top five ranking factors

  • Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links – 73% (Very High Importance)
  • External Link Popularity - 71% (Very High Importance)
  • Diversity of Link Sources – 67% (Very High Importance)
  • Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag – 66% (Very High Importance)
  • Link Distance from Trusted Domains – 66% (Very High Importance)

According to above statistics we can understand the importance of keyword ranking. And other keyword specific ranking factor is On-Page. See this.

In Title Tag: Importance for the keyword in the title tag is 66% and considered to be very high. Blogging provides an option of generating new webpages continuously, all with keyword-rich title tags. Generally in blogging title tag is taken from headlines and following SEO practices means already integrating keywords anyway.

First word of Title Tag: Importance for keyword using as first word of title tag is very high and of 63%. The very first word always attracts the reader and creates interest. So by positioning the keyword in the beginning always benefits. And choose the keyword keeping first the reader in mind then optimizations.

In Root Domain Name: Importance for keyword using in root domain name is of 60% and considered to be very high. If it is to boost ranking company name through blogging, attach the blog to your sub-directory or sub domain. (Ex. bipsum.com/blog or blog.bipsum.com)

Page-Specific Link Popularity Factors for Ranking:

Keyword-Focused Anchor Text: Very High-Importance of 73%. When we create links, others will use our titles or headlines and this can be another reason for placing keywords in headlines. And many visitors may attract to the anchor text keywords we use.

External Link Popularity: Very High-Importance of 71%. Sharing blog through good social media channels like twitter, face book, digg etc. creates a chance of more quality links and quantity too.

Link Re-Working is also considered to be one of magic bullet. Link reworking is a process of modifications of links from the sites which are already linking to our site.

From the examples explained above, magic bullets main aim is to how rapidly we rank in the top of Google search result. Apart from the above points the main and important things to remember is that content is king and Back links are considerable factors of SEO’s magic bullet.

SEO Link Building Guide Link Building Guidelines Link Building Info Link Building Strategies

Link building is the good way to be successful on the web and to rank high in the search engines. You have to be popular towards customers to know them what are you offering. So we need to build links of our site on the web. Link building is having different strategies by which we can increase links of a site on the web. Link building is very beneficial for search engine optimization.

Search engines will give high priority for backlinks to a site, which will be an advantage for rankings on SERPs. Building up backlinks on the web is not an easy way for a website, to get the best results for your business. The main target is to get good inbound links for a site. Links are the important factor which helps search engine in determining the level of popularity of a site on the web. If you have more links from other sites to your site then your site will be ranked highly by all major search engines. There are some important things that you must consider while exchanging links with any other site. Ensure that the site is complete, and have a good content for a website to rank high.

Simple way to do link building is to type the keywords on which you want to promote your site and see the results that come up. Browse the sites that are in the SERP and try to exchange link with them. Another important thing to keep in mind to have link exchange with higher page ranked websites.
Link Building can be obtained by the following ways

  • One way Link Building.
  • Two way Link Building (Reciprocal Link Building)
  • Three Way Link Building.

Try to get backlink from high page ranked and natural websites which will be more benefit for high ranking by search engines. We can have chance of fast indexing of a website. Get backlinks from the websites which are often have fresh content in their web pages. Gather more backlinks from news websites and other websites which will often change their content which will benefit our website to have high page rank.

Link Building and Link Exchange can be done for Free Directories, Paid Directories and Websites.

Summary: Links are very important factor that helps search engine in determining the level of popularity of any site on the web. To increase page rank and have popularity of the website we can perform the above link building strategies.

Impact of Social Bookmarking on Search Engine Optimization

Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is considered as the process useful to internet users that they can share, organize, search and manage bookmarks of webusers. It is also said to be a method of tagging a website and saving it for later i.e instead of saving them to web browser, you can save it on web. As bookmarks are online we can easily share them with our friends. If we want to create our own socialbookmarks, we have to register in the social bookmarking sites. It can be a easy root or method to market our website.

Process Of Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is becoming requisite to take reliable steps to increase number of visitors on daily basis to our website. Most of the bookmarking sites allow us to browse through the items based on most popular, recently added, or belonging any category like technology, shopping, politics, blogging, news, sports etc.

Steps to be taken in the process of social bookmarking:

  • Choose the bookmarking site in which we are going to tag a site to it.
  • Register with the chosen bookmarking site.
  • Install browser extensions or bookmarking toolbars as some of the sites lists few ways that you can make social bookmarking easier such as IE toolbar, firefox extensions.
  • Add bookmarks by using the tools that which have been installed earlier.
  • Invite your friends as social bookmarking is meant to be social.
  • Social Bookmarking is used to expand its vision to not only to your friends’ bookmarks but also to other people who tag with same keyword.

This can be simply defined as method bookmarking which is posted online, catalogued with comments and tags, and shared with your friends/others.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Bookmarking:


  • The main advantage of the social bookmarking is “Search Engine Optimization” because these sites are highly search engine optimized.
  • By using bookmarking services you can experience immediate traffic to your site.
  • The main theme of these services is that we can place our favorite websites list in single place and browse whenever and wherever required by using the internet.
  • It ranks the resource based on the number of times it has been bookmarked by users rather than rank it according to number of external links.
  • It is considered as the best place for promoting your site.


  • Informal vocabularies is one of the drawback of social bookmarking in search data point of view i.e
  • No standard set of keywords
  • Mistagging occur due to spelling errors
  • Tags which have more than one meaning
  • It is not designed with the proper hierarchy of relationships between tags.
  • Spam and corruption is another disadvantage of social bookmarking. The more ofen the webpage is submitted the better chance that the page is found.

spamming occurs as the same webpage is bookmarked multiple times and/or by tagging each webpage of the website by using a lot of popular tags, obliging developers to constantly adjust their security to overcome abuses.

Impact Of Social Bookmarking On Search Engine Optimization:

Social Bookmarking is becoming best way for the website owner's to draw the attention to their site. It exposes the site to a wide group of people who run their own blogs indexed in search engines as regular website are. The following are the few points to explain impact of social bookmarking on search engine optimization:

  • Indexing of sites are done faster as the sites are bookmarked fastely by humans.
  • Brings the additional traffic to the site. So that the page rank of the site will increase.
  • Links will be picked by other websites through social bookmarking site.
  • Defines the quality of particular site and differentiates it from other web sites.
  • The quality of the site can be measured always. As more number of people bookmark a site the better quality and relevance will come to know.
  • Categorizes the bookmarks using tags or keywords which are useful later when we are trying to find a specific bookmark or similar bookmarks.