Friday, September 26, 2014

Google To Warn Searchers When A Mobile URL Redirects To The Homepage

Google search says the website owners don’t irritate mobile searchers. We can see this message at the back a new caution that Google is showing in mobile search engine results.
In the latest post in Google webmaster blog alerted website owners that these messages will shown to Smartphone searchers know if Google believe that site has a faulty redirect in place that sends to home page instead of clicked link by searcher.

Google says that this alerts for users who are frustrated by landing in irrelevant pages and to help webmasters fix redirects. This will display in our US English search engine results, whenever we detect that mobile searches are e redirected to irrelevant page instead of the page they asked for and we may note such results below. You can click on “Try anyway”, if you want continue to the page.

By above Google example, the warning message displays with the Smartphone search results, and may dishearten user from clicking it.

Google not just caution the users but also help the webmasters to fix the problems. The GWT offers information about faulty redirects upsetting Smartphone mobile phone crawling in Crawl Errors section.

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