Friday, August 14, 2015

Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

In paid business listings, Up to four results will be displayed with directions and click-to-call links. Google recently announced regarding mobile ad format lineup. As per the updates, it is a time affecting location-based search. It will effect in search engine result page as it display's up to 4 ads in business listing ads based on location related searches in a nearby businesses pack.

According to Google trends March month data, “Near Me” search keyword are used by the users to double compare with last years. In this 80% of traffic comes via mobile. With this update, new nearby business ads are shown up instead of old traditional text ads.

These ads are created in google adwords account, which is in the location extension option. It will show ad text which includes a link to get directions to reach their business location or show click to call their business contact number. It will be easy to reach to the user as well as business people. It has a user friendly option towards customers as well as business guys because giving the direction to reach the location or will provide the click to call option to contact directly with the business employees for help.

Nearby business ads are same as the organic local business listings on Google mobile search pages. Business advertiser must have location extension in enable status in their Google adwords accounts to be eligible for displaying the new nearby business mobile ads.